Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Valentines day!

Yeah, it's March 1st. I know I'm late in posting these photos. That's okay with me though. :)

These are flowers from this weekend. The shower flowers. Aren't they gorgeous? They weren't for Valentine's day, but they look like they could be, so I'm going to leave them up and we can pretend they were for Valentines day.This is what I got from my dad. :) He says he isn't into Hallmark holidays, but I think he really is. Either that or he's into chocolate.
This is what he got my mom. Very pretty huh? It was good too. It's from a local chocolatier who apparently has a huge online store that is popular throughout the USA.

Happy (late) Valentines day (or Single's Awareness Day...whichever you prefer).

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