Saturday, May 31, 2008


Sometimes in life you come to a crossroads.  You have to make a choice.  
And all choices lead to changes.

Kinda intimidating, isn't it?

I went someplace pretty today!

To a park up in Maryland.  And then to an Asian restaurant...but I didn't take any pictures of that. :) 

And as usual I took about 5 million pictures of where I was.  I love being in new places where there are lots of pretty things to photograph.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tonight was nice. I went over to Jacqueline's and Matt's tonight for Bible study. It was smaller than usual tonight, but it was nice. Before and after the study Jacqueline and I watched Cirque de Soleil's Allegria. I hadn't watched it since we lived at the old house. It was fun. It brought back memories of when all I really wanted to be was a Riverdancer and a contortionist. Life was so simple.

I had an interview today for a photo studio. Actually, all I did was fill out the application. I had set up an interview for another day, but ended up calling it off. I decided I didn't like the environment and am going to give the Etsy shop idea a go first. And also I am really excited about this opportunity to be home for a while. I'm already planning to go:
walking (hopefully every day) down at the park with my sister.
Spending more time with Hank (our weimaraner puppy).
I told Holly we could stay up late every night this summer and watch movies if she wants because I'm usually saying I have to go to bed so I can go to work.
Study my Bible and my nutrition course.
And of course trying to get up ideas of things to make to put in my shop...once I set it up.

There will be plenty of time to worry about jobs. I'm just going to try to enjoy my family and friends for a while before I get back to a regular job. And also, I hate to get a new job and have to train for it and then just move. But then I don't know how soon I will be's back and forth a lot for me.

We kept Hope for Jacqueline today and also Andy and Becky's kids. It was so fun being with them. I'm going to miss those guys. I'm glad we got to spend some time with them this weekend.

Monday, May 26, 2008

We are selling our house.

Hi! Do you want to see our house? Great! But there is a little something you should know before we proceed any further.

Just thought I should warn you. Let's get a little closer.

It's so pretty out here.
You want to talk about craftsmanship? My brother-in-law pretty much built this entire house by himself.  He, my brother Adam, and various family members and friends who pitched in along the way.  And when we were in a time crunch, we got a couple of crews to drywall and mud for us.  But it was mostly done without a lot of extra help.  I hate mudding and sanding walls. I helped finish our basement at our old house and we did all of that. It's a yucky job! Dust gets everywhere and you never seem to completely get it out.  Anyway, I probably would have been in there mudding and sanding but I was finishing my semester at school and working full-time.  
We are getting ready to put up pictures on the web for a real estate site and these are a couple that I took.

Anyway, those are a few pictures of the house. :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ouch...that hurts!

My teeth that is. You probably knew this post was coming. Where I complain about how painful braces are. But the truth is I'm not going to say a word about how bad it hurts. I'm not even going to talk about how it's rubbing the inside of my cheek off. Nope. Not a single word.


But I'll tell you about getting them on. See, it's fun for the first hour or so. Before the unmentioned pain sets in.
On Friday I drove out to my orthodontist's office. I was getting my lower braces on! Woo hoo!
(See, now I really can't close my mouth. Not enough room.)
Progress! I should find my before photo and scan it in here. But I don't know where that photo is and we don't have a scanner anyway so I can't.

While I was working at the dentist office, I got my braces. And so did one of our hygienists and the doctor I worked with. In fact, my doctor was only about 3 weeks ahead of me in the whole braces schedule. We all saw the same orthodontist and since we all had the same schedule at work, we all got Friday appointments. So we usually ended up at the office on the same day at the same time. It was kind of funny.
So on Friday, it turned out that my doctor had her appointment at 12 and mine was at 12:30. And we saw each other. I walked back into the operatory and the assistant who was going to be working on my teeth said, "your doctor is over there if you want to say hi before we start." Sure enough, she was in the chair so I walked over and waved. "Hello. I didn't recognize you on that end."
"Haa," (hi) she replied.
You see, it's hard to talk when someone has their hands in your mouth.
So I went over to my chair and they started to place brackets on my lower teeth. Oh, but before that, they put those awful cheek retractor things in. The ones that feel like they're going to split your face apart. I think those are partly for their amusement cause you look really funny while you wear them. Anyway, while they were doing that my doctor finished her appointment and walked over to my chair to say hello.
"Haa," (hi) I said back.
"I'm going to wait for you till you're done, okay?" She said.
"Uguh," (okay) I replied.

We ended up getting lunch and she came back to my house to meet my dogs. Solomon (as always) seemed to be the favorite. It was a fun morning.

The next day I went out with my sisters. Jacqueline had some errands she needed to run and I needed to stop by the eye doctor to ask about getting contacts. Cause I said I'd never wear braces and glasses together and then I did. I also needed dental wax which is very hard to find. If you need it, go to your local CVS. That's where I eventually found mine. I went to Walmart and Martins and they didn't have it. Walmart used to have it, but doesn't anymore.
Holly came with us and we ended up getting strawberry frappes and a strawberry banana smoothie before we came home. I love being with my sisters. They really are my closest friends.

I'm actually getting used to the idea of being home more and am going to try to do some of the things I always claimed I was too busy to do when I was working full-time. Like read a classic, study my nutrition course, spend time with the dogs, go to the park, craft, pull out my violin and practice it, etc. Adam has been getting on youtube and looking up guitar lessons on it and I might see if they have violin lessons on there. I played the violin for 2 years and have a very pretty violin that my parents bought me. We named it The Curly Maple. But I very rarely ever play it. Maybe I'll try to work on that this summer. I'm going to try to view this layoff as an opportunity from God to relax and do some of these things instead of always worrying about my job. And I'm still really thinking of opening an Etsy shop and trying to bring in a little income with that. And eventually I may get a part-time job, but I'm going to wait a little bit first.

So it's really been a nice weekend so far.
Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I blogged about making these cards awhile ago. It was a really nice time spent with my sisters. My mom enjoys stamping too. She didn't join us for that stamping session though.

I have 50 more cards along with whatever leftovers we had from the last time we stamped and some new papers to use to make some more of these. Can you guess what I'll probably end up doing this week?

Friday, May 23, 2008

My man Friday...

I tried to sleep in really late, but got up at 8:15.  The sun is shining really brightly outside and it's hard to sleep really late when it's so bright out.  It's really pretty actually.  We're supposed to have 70-80 degree weather this weekend.

So recap on the events of the week:  I can't even remember what happened Monday.  Tuesday was nice.  I always like Bible study nights.  We had a full group over next door for the study and it's always fun to see everyone there.  And I finished my chiropractor appointments too.  I'm supposed to go back in a month to see how I'm doing with the exercises and stretches they taught me. 
Wednesday we had a call saying someone was going to come see the house.  It was a good showing.  The people had some questions and showed some interest.  It was encouraging.  
Yesterday I already said I got laid off.  
Today I get my lower braces on.  :)  And they said they were supposed to add to my bite plane to make it bigger.  I'm not going to be able to close my mouth, lol.  I'm so excited that this is moving along and it's neat to get to see progress.  
I've been running through some ideas of what to do during the weeks and am considering opening an etsy shop.  Maybe it will motivate me to sew and craft some more.  That was actually my reason for starting this blog. I think it's turned into a journal more than anything.  I didn't really have a whole lot of time during the week but now I will.  

Fuel is $3.99 a gallon here.  For regular unleaded.  They say it's supposed to be about $7 a gallon by the end of the year.  Maybe we should all buy bicycles. :)  I've heard a lot of talk about bicycles lately, but it's really impractical where we live now.  Actually, there aren't a lot of places anymore that are set up for bike traffic.  So skip that idea.  Maybe we should get Segways.  That's a better idea! LoL~

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tonight I came home from work with tears in my eyes and a red nose. I walked in the door, hugged my mom, refused dinner, drank a pint of unsweetened iced tea, ate 3 Hershey nuggets and then decided I NEEDED chocolate ice cream so my dad and I went and got some. Tonight I was laid off from my job. WAHHH!!!

It was very sweet actually. They all told me I was wonderful and terrific and awesome and perfect (you get the picture, right? Okay it wasn't all that, but they did say I was a really great worker who was enthusiastic and motivated blah blah blah and stuff like that) and they hated to let me go but I'm moving anyway and with my doctor leaving they just can't keep 4 assistants.
I kinda knew it was coming, but it was still a little surprising. And I was even okay with it right until one of the girls got a little teary-eyed (tears of job most likely! lol). You know how it is. If one girl cries it's very likely to set off every other girl in the room. Or me at least. Luckily nothing like that happened. I was mostly sad because I will miss everyone so much. But I have a bunch of email addresses and phone numbers and we've set up a lunch get-together. Working there was a great opportunity. I'm very glad I got to work there. But honestly, I have complete peace about it. I really believe that everything and anything that happens is God's will. And that's enough for me right now. So I was okay until the very end when even his wife came in and gave me a hug and said she was sad about it and they'll miss me. And then when I got in the car I cried a little because we girls are emotional creatures and every major event deserves to be endured with some kind of emotional act. (If anyone understands any of that let me know and explain it to me, lol) But I made myself stop because I was afraid I'd back into another grill or something. We don't need a repeat of that.

Okay, I'm done.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prince Caspian

It was okay. Edmund was more likeable in this one. He was a brat in the last movie. There was some other stuff in it too that I didn't care for. Like pretty much everything you said, Becky. And I didn't like the end so much. I don't think it was in the book (especially the pop sounding song). Maybe I should go back and re-read them. I liked the first Narnia movie better. I want to see Ember when it comes out. It was a good book. I'd recommend it.

Dad told me tonight that I really did break the grill when I backed into it this winter. One of the knobs fell off and is cracked and I think I broke one of the legs. Or something like that. That was a sad experience. I was upset because they told me they were selling Hank (our dog) right before I was about to leave for work one morning. For some reason the night before I didn't pull into the driveway, I backed in. So when I got in the car my first instinct was to put the car in reverse and back up. So that's what I did. When I realized that I was supposed to go forward I tried to slam on the brake, but slammed on the gas instead and shot backwards into the grill. I felt really bad about it. Especially when I came home and saw my mom making hamburgers on the cast iron skillet since she couldn't use the grill. Recently I overheard my dad on the phone with his friend. His friend asked if he would be doing any grilling soon (since the weather is finally warming up) and my dad said, "no, Grace ran over the grill." He was very calm about it. I was very blessed. My parents weren't really mad that I hit their grill with their car. They just told me it is stupid to drive when you're upset because bad things can happen when you're not paying attention. In the end I offered to buy them a new grill and they laughed at me. And we didn't sell Hank. It made me feel like the biggest creep ever. Not fun.

They weren't mad the time I brushed the curb and blew out my tire either. Luckily I made it to the first baptist church up the road where a couple of very kind ladies tried to patch it up with medical tape. It wasn't working and I didn't realize that there was a spare tire inside the floor of the car and I didn't know how to change a tire anyway, so they let me borrow a cell phone so I could call my dad. And even then he wasn't mad that I hit the curb. Just that I forgot my cell phone. Luckily the car was okay through it all anyway.

I don't know why I even wrote all this. Mostly for lack of having nothing better to say. I tried to work on some projects today and didn't finish anything. So maybe next week I'll have something to write about. Sorry for 3 posts in one day.

An interesting site...

Since my trip to Shaharazades with Becca, I've been wanting to learn more about tea and I've also been wanting to make scones like the kind they had there. I saw a box mix for scones at the coffee shop I used to work at, but decided to look online for recipes before I tried their mix. I haven't tried any recipes yet, but I found this website that talks about tea and they have scone recipes. I thought I'd put it up here in case any of you guys wanted to see it.


Saturday and the sun is shining and the weather is warm... So different from yesterday when it was cold and rainy and windy.  What to do on a beautiful day like this? Well so far it's 10:11 am and I'm still in my pajamas...that's really productive isn't it? :)

The good thing about all the rain we've been getting lately is that everything is very green and pretty here.  We've had drought conditions off and on around here since we moved up this way, so I'm hoping we will continue to stay green throughout the summer.

I don't seem to have anything to write today.  Maybe once I figure out what I'm going to do I'll have something to post up here.  

So until later...  Have a nice Saturday.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is it Friday yet? (Optional title: A very random collection of thoughts.)

Today was a rough day. It started with some unhappy news and turned into a headache that lasted all day long. Work was slow going and I was up front pretty much all day which is a little boring.
But tomorrow is Thursday and payday (yay!), and the new Narnia comes out on Friday and I want to see it. If not this Friday then maybe next week. I love weekends! I'm hoping to do some work on my sewing or knitting. And on my nutrition course.
I'm starting to make some progress with it. I think once I get past the anatomy and physiology section it will be more smooth sailing. I like science, but it's just a lot of terms to remember. I've reviewed it a lot though in biology class and maybe not as much, but a little more indepth (if that makes any sense) in my dental assisting class. For example, in biology we went over all the systems of the body. In dental assisting we went over the anatomy of the head and neck but talked about things like osteoblasts and osteoclasts and what the difference was between them and a lot of specific bones in the skull and where the foramens are in the face, the cranial nerves and facial muscles, planes of the body and...yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, it helps to know some of that stuff because it's what I'm covering right now.
Sorry for that unexpected tangent on anatomy and physiology. I don't mean to bore anyone.

Yesterday morning I woke up and thought, "Yes! It's Thursday!" It was really only Tuesday. I'm not sure why I thought that it was Thursday in the first place. It was weird. :) So tomorrow morning I can wake up and say, "Yes! It's Thursday!" And it will be real this time. Yay!

Have a happy Wednesday! And Thursday!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The First Time!

I was at the chiropractor today and I finally asked him the question I've been wanting to ask since I started going there as a patient. After he adjusted my back (very loudly!) I asked him, "so, do people come in here all the time and tell you that you crack them up?" At first he looked confused and then he started laughing and said no, that I was the first to ever say that. Like I said, I've been wanting to ask him that for awhile now, but he seemed like a serious person so I never did. Besides, I was certain he probably heard that at least several times a week from other patients with a corny sense of humor and would probably say "yes, every single day."

Now I can tell my co-worker that I finally asked him. We were joking about it and she said if I asked him then she would ask her chiropractor too.

Scratch that off my list of things to do. My jokes are lame. :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

A chance to use my Pampered Chef stuff.

Did I ever write about the Pampered Chef party I went to? Well, I ordered some stuff to decorate cakes and dishes with. And some spices but that has nothing to do with this post.

Anyway, on Sunday we had company coming over so we baked a cake and I was told I could frost it. But I didn't want to frost it. I wanted to stencil it with powdered sugar and my new cake decorating stencils and put little dots on it with my cake decorating squeegy-tubes.
See? Voila. Ignore my chin. I told Holly not to get my face in this picture and here I am double-chinning it. :( Focus instead on the stencils and frosting-filled squeegy tube.
So we (or I, I was kind of hogging the stuff) started to stencil the cake with the powdered sugar. You just put the stencil on the cake and sift powdered sugar over it. Simple. Right?
Wrong. I guess. I don't have a sifter. I tried using a fork to shake the sugar over it and that didn't work. I tried taking the cap to a salt shaker and filling it with sugar and shaking it and that was better, but I'd already got globs of sugar on the cake. So we had to try something else. Something like the frosting-filled squeegy-tube.
See, not too pretty. And putting little dots around the edge wasn't cutting it. It wasn't enough to take away from the mess in the middle of the cake.
So we had to just frost the whole thing. But I still got to use both the stencils and the squeegy-tube (Holly actually got to use it to put the dots on the cake. I let her do something other than take pictures. :D) and the salt-shaker cap sifter to decorate it. And it came out lopsided. Better luck next time. :) Next time when I have a sifter! It was fun anyway. And it still ended up edible. :) Not a bad situation I think.

I never did cut out pieces for the projects I want to make. Maybe this coming weekend I'll work on some projects. I am very sad about the earthquake in China today. How sad! I can't imagine what the families out there are going through! And how about all the tornadoes that have been going on out west? I hate storms and natural disasters. When it comes to those, there isn't an adventurous bone in my body. I'm a total wimp. Thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of those events.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thank you Becky...

for inviting me to see your blog. I love the pictures and hearing/seeing your new place and what you guys are up to. It is also where I found this article that had Holly and me in hysterics.
I miss you guys!

We had a good time with the stamps...

Don't you think? And yes, those are M&Ms in the bowl.

I met my friend on Friday morning for breakfast. It was really nice to see her again and hear how she is doing. I think I probably talked her ear off as I seem to do when anyone will listen to me. It seems like forever since I've talked to someone my own age. That may sound funny, but during the week I work full-time and on the weekends everyone else my age works. And those who aren't working are away in college. Most young adult functions around here happen while I'm at work. So I'm really excited that all the students are getting back from school because I really missed everyone while they were gone.

So far this weekend has been really nice. Breakfast with Sarah, stamping with my sisters, cookout at Illona's and playing Pretty Pretty Princess with a 5 year old, my sister, and my brother-in-law (which was really funny, he was a super good sport although he wasn't very enthusiastic about playing.). And I just got back from watching an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Gila Monster. Mystery Science Theater is a little over the top, I didn't stay for the second episode. But the company was fun!

So I'm thinking I will cut some pieces out for some projects I want to do tomorrow. But first I have some work to do on my nutrition course. :) And I have to put together my Mom's gift for Mother's day. I guess I should get going!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thank God it's Thursday!

I made these back at Christmas and never gave them out. That's pretty typical of me actually. I do stuff like that frequently. Like I'll buy a card specifically for someone and never write anything in it and never give it away. It will just sit. Mostly because I don't know what to say. Sad, huh? Hee hee. :)
I had fun making these. I used the cardboard squares that you get out of the quarter yards from JoAnns. Like I said, I got a ton of them to make into Christmas gifts and had a billion of those cardboard squares hanging around.
So combine cardboard with scrapbooking paper which was cut up and used to decorate the "cards."
The snowflakes were cut off of the scrapbooking paper and glued onto the cardboard.
I guess they were more like Christmas postcards. It was a fun way to reuse the cardboard and I thought they were kind of cute. Maybe I'll use them to stick into gift bags as cards this Christmas.

And these were the To: From: tags. They're supposed to look like little ornaments.
Oh this week. I'm so glad the work week is OVER! Woo hoo! Honestly, I am so glad to be off for 3 days. I don't know what's going to happen at my job, but I wish I didn't have to wait so long to find out. Not knowing is not a fun place to be.
There are quite a few areas in my life right now that fit that bill. Not knowing.
Moving. Job. And some family matters...
I do know that God has everything under control. Everything is on His perfect timing. It has just always been hard for me to wait. Someday this will all jut be a memory. A piece of my past. A waiting spot.
I guess we all have waiting spots. Times where we have to wait for God to show us where he wants us to be, what he wants us to do...they are special times for us to draw close to Jesus. And that's what I want and need to do.

On a lighter note, I am meeting my friend Sarah for breakfast tomorrow before she goes back to college for a summer class. I'm so looking forward to it! And I'm looking forward to doing some crafting this weekend. Hopefully I'll have some stuff to show by Sunday. :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

What is it about baking that is almost therapeutic?

(The Hershey kisses melted. Oops! I didn't realize that you don't bake them with them on.
I've never made these before so it was a reverse on the traditional peanut butter cookie with a Hershey kiss in the middle.)

Perhaps it's the sugar rush that follows the baking?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Finally! Some actual crafting to show on my blog. :)

Okay, once again, these photos are awful in quality, but I want to show what I sewed today!

(the apron was modeled by my lovely mom. :) Thanks Mom!)

A new half apron that is just two 1/4 flats sewed together with bias tape.

Nothing very special, it was super easy. My ties are shorter than I would like and they are uneven. But I have so many quarters left over from Christmas sewing that could be used to make aprons and some other stuff.

I got the fabric from A.C. Moore yesterday.

Here is a close up of the fabrics used.

I just thought the one that had all the writing on it would be really cute as an apron.

And here is another linen bag. I really like using linen. It just seems so classic. This one is not lined. It's basically just 2 rectangles sewed together with a pocket and trim. The straps are just long strips of linen turned into a bias tape and sewed into the blue trim on the top.

I enjoyed the chance to work on some more sewing projects. I will say that the only thing I don't like about the bag is that I made the straps too long and had to put the knot in it or else it hangs down past my knees (this is partly because I'm just really short and partly because the straps are too long).

Hmm...what should I make next?

Looking out my window...

And this is what I see right now. When I try taking the picture with the flash on it makes a big white spot on the glass, but when I take it without the flash the window frame turns completely dark. I like it anyway though. :P

I have a few ideas up my sleeve for bags and aprons... My stuff is all over the dining room table right now. And I went out again today and bought more cardstock for my stamps. That's so fun. And I have another idea for a mother's day card that I'm going to try to put into action this week. It's just going to be kind of hard because of my work schedule. Maybe Friday will be a good day...I need to get together with my sister on this idea cause I will need her help. :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

How is it I never knew how fun this could be?

Yesterday, on a random whim, I picked up some stamps and colored pens and card stock to stamp with along with stuff to make a book (or decorate a pick the name. :)). I've never used rubber stamps before, but I think this could become addictive. Yes I think this requires some further investigation as far as creative possibilities go.
My mom made the one that said Courage for a friend of our's who is graduating this spring. I copied the idea with the one that says Strength.
The rest of these were just ones I stamped using a regular ink pad and filled in with the colored ink pens.

Sorry for all the blurriness. :P My pictures often tend to be that way. Today I was out at Borders and A.C. Moore and picked up a book on digital photography ($5 on clearance! Sweet :)) and more stamps, along with some fat quarters and remnant fabric (which I think is going to be a half apron) and other crafty stuff. I think it's going to be fun. :)

I have some ideas for sewing that I want to do before my trip to Texas. I'm thinking a bag is in order to take on the plane and perhaps a skirt or maybe I'll even try my hand at making a dress. Maybe I'll start cutting some stuff out tomorrow.

Here's to a happy weekend. :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

50 Unasked Questions:

Here we go, another silly survey. :P

Do you like your neighbor? I love my neighbors. I miss them.

Whats one word that describes your last fight? I can't really remember my last fight. Probably when we had someone coming to see the house.

What did your last text message say? I don't have texting on my phone. It's been turned off.

Do you carve pumpkins every year? I've only carved a pumpkin once. It was a lot of fun though! I think we should carve one every year.

Color of your shirt? green striped with lighter green.

Who's the person who you call the most? my mom or my sister.

Whats your favorite season? fall! :)

How are you feeling right now? okay but very allergic. I love spring but I'm so allergic to it. :(

What did you do this weekend? well, so far I went to the bank, went to walmart, and now I'm home. I hope to do some productive stuff with the rest of the day/weekend.

How many times have you moved? Going on 9 times.

What is the last thing you touched that is not computer related? probably a cup or something.

Would you do anything for someone else? Anything? I hope I wouldn't do something bad or wrong for someone else. Anything good? I hope so.

Have you ever been called a punk? Maybe as a joke. I'm too mild to be a punk. More like a nerd...or ditz or something along those lines.

Was yesterday better than today? Both were pretty good. Yesterday I worked, today I'm off. Both are good.

What is your ring tone? Just a phone ringing.

Do you have a favorite number? 2? It's better than 1. ;)

Are your grades good? yes.

Do you hate anyone/anything? evil, snakes, spiders, mice, natural disasters, being sick, and other stuff like that.

Does your best friend have a myspace? Facebook.

Last time you went out to lunch? Today.

Dinner? No idea.

Have you ever gotten into a physical fight with a member of the opposite sex? no

How old will you be in 2 months? 19 and 8 months

Do you think you'll be married by then? no. No one would be more shocked than me if that should happen!

Do you have one or more Britney Spears CD's? no

What did you do last night? helped Holly pack, took a shower, went to bed.

If you took a drug test would you pass? yes

Do you have a song by Ozzy Osbourne in your library? no

Whats your favorite movie? hmm...I have a few favorites.

Do people ever spell your name wrong? My first name? Not often. My last name? Quite often.

Do you believe everyone has a soulmate? not really. In some ways yes and in others no.

Can you sing? not really.

When was the last time you cried? I try very hard not to cry. It usually results in a very congested, headachey me.

Are you ever a freak about cleanliness or organization? Yes. Sometimes. Like if people are coming over to visit or inquire about the house, then absolutely. I clean like a mad woman. Speaking of mad, I clean a lot when I'm mad too. Get me good and angry and the whole house may end up sparkling clean. But on the other hand, my room never stays clean.

Do you know how to knit? yes!

Do you have a job? yes

Is there anything currently bothering you? always.

What are you doing right now besides this survey? I was helping make dinner, talking to my mom...listening to the radio in the other room.

Do you know how to play poker? not really. I understand some stuff like a flush and full house and all that. I don't know how the game works.

Baskin Robins or Coldstone? Coldstone

Physics or chemistry? probably chemistry.

Facebook or Myspace? both

Do you wear any jewelry? earrings, class ring

What is the color of your bedroom walls? brown-ish

When do you prefer to take a shower, morning or night? hair takes forever to dry.

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars? I guess Lord of the Rings, although after re-reading the books and watching the movies again I realize the movies are very cheesy.

Fly or road trip? I hate flying, I also hate being in the car for hours on end. But I love travelling.

Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Tanner Vineyard, or Shalayna Hatcher? ???

What's your favorite Disney movie? Beauty and the Beast!

What are your plans for tonight? no plans.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

May 1st!

I can't believe how quickly April went by. What a chaotic month! Ch-ch-ch-changes!

Starting with:
my dog getting pregnant
my Grandma getting very sick
my parents going out of town to see my Grandma who was recovering at that point (which isn't chaotic in and of itself, it was everything that happened at home)
people coming to see the house
doctors leaving our practice (work is like a soap opera lately, tune in next time to see what will happen...*ominous dum dum dums to be inserted here*)
my neighbors moving (sniff sniff)....

of course it wasn't all stressful. Some of it was very nice. :)

Visits with friends
Bleak House movie nights
spring blooms
gorgeous weather!
Photography possibilities
Bible studies
Pampered Chef party...

I'm curious as to what May will bring. All my college friends should be coming home this month so I'm looking forward to that. All kinds of changes at work can be expected I'm sure. Maybe a few more calls on the house.
God has a way of surprising us and keeping us on our toes! I'm sure that more surprises are in store for me this year. It's amazing how strange life has gotten since I turned...oh 16? I think it was 16. Not strange really, I guess it's just become more alive and interesting. Or maybe I just started taking notice of it around that age.

At any rate, I'm certainly enjoying keeping a log of everything on here. Happy May! I hope it brings us all surprises. :)