Saturday, May 3, 2008

How is it I never knew how fun this could be?

Yesterday, on a random whim, I picked up some stamps and colored pens and card stock to stamp with along with stuff to make a book (or decorate a pick the name. :)). I've never used rubber stamps before, but I think this could become addictive. Yes I think this requires some further investigation as far as creative possibilities go.
My mom made the one that said Courage for a friend of our's who is graduating this spring. I copied the idea with the one that says Strength.
The rest of these were just ones I stamped using a regular ink pad and filled in with the colored ink pens.

Sorry for all the blurriness. :P My pictures often tend to be that way. Today I was out at Borders and A.C. Moore and picked up a book on digital photography ($5 on clearance! Sweet :)) and more stamps, along with some fat quarters and remnant fabric (which I think is going to be a half apron) and other crafty stuff. I think it's going to be fun. :)

I have some ideas for sewing that I want to do before my trip to Texas. I'm thinking a bag is in order to take on the plane and perhaps a skirt or maybe I'll even try my hand at making a dress. Maybe I'll start cutting some stuff out tomorrow.

Here's to a happy weekend. :)

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