Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prince Caspian

It was okay. Edmund was more likeable in this one. He was a brat in the last movie. There was some other stuff in it too that I didn't care for. Like pretty much everything you said, Becky. And I didn't like the end so much. I don't think it was in the book (especially the pop sounding song). Maybe I should go back and re-read them. I liked the first Narnia movie better. I want to see Ember when it comes out. It was a good book. I'd recommend it.

Dad told me tonight that I really did break the grill when I backed into it this winter. One of the knobs fell off and is cracked and I think I broke one of the legs. Or something like that. That was a sad experience. I was upset because they told me they were selling Hank (our dog) right before I was about to leave for work one morning. For some reason the night before I didn't pull into the driveway, I backed in. So when I got in the car my first instinct was to put the car in reverse and back up. So that's what I did. When I realized that I was supposed to go forward I tried to slam on the brake, but slammed on the gas instead and shot backwards into the grill. I felt really bad about it. Especially when I came home and saw my mom making hamburgers on the cast iron skillet since she couldn't use the grill. Recently I overheard my dad on the phone with his friend. His friend asked if he would be doing any grilling soon (since the weather is finally warming up) and my dad said, "no, Grace ran over the grill." He was very calm about it. I was very blessed. My parents weren't really mad that I hit their grill with their car. They just told me it is stupid to drive when you're upset because bad things can happen when you're not paying attention. In the end I offered to buy them a new grill and they laughed at me. And we didn't sell Hank. It made me feel like the biggest creep ever. Not fun.

They weren't mad the time I brushed the curb and blew out my tire either. Luckily I made it to the first baptist church up the road where a couple of very kind ladies tried to patch it up with medical tape. It wasn't working and I didn't realize that there was a spare tire inside the floor of the car and I didn't know how to change a tire anyway, so they let me borrow a cell phone so I could call my dad. And even then he wasn't mad that I hit the curb. Just that I forgot my cell phone. Luckily the car was okay through it all anyway.

I don't know why I even wrote all this. Mostly for lack of having nothing better to say. I tried to work on some projects today and didn't finish anything. So maybe next week I'll have something to write about. Sorry for 3 posts in one day.

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