Monday, May 12, 2008

A chance to use my Pampered Chef stuff.

Did I ever write about the Pampered Chef party I went to? Well, I ordered some stuff to decorate cakes and dishes with. And some spices but that has nothing to do with this post.

Anyway, on Sunday we had company coming over so we baked a cake and I was told I could frost it. But I didn't want to frost it. I wanted to stencil it with powdered sugar and my new cake decorating stencils and put little dots on it with my cake decorating squeegy-tubes.
See? Voila. Ignore my chin. I told Holly not to get my face in this picture and here I am double-chinning it. :( Focus instead on the stencils and frosting-filled squeegy tube.
So we (or I, I was kind of hogging the stuff) started to stencil the cake with the powdered sugar. You just put the stencil on the cake and sift powdered sugar over it. Simple. Right?
Wrong. I guess. I don't have a sifter. I tried using a fork to shake the sugar over it and that didn't work. I tried taking the cap to a salt shaker and filling it with sugar and shaking it and that was better, but I'd already got globs of sugar on the cake. So we had to try something else. Something like the frosting-filled squeegy-tube.
See, not too pretty. And putting little dots around the edge wasn't cutting it. It wasn't enough to take away from the mess in the middle of the cake.
So we had to just frost the whole thing. But I still got to use both the stencils and the squeegy-tube (Holly actually got to use it to put the dots on the cake. I let her do something other than take pictures. :D) and the salt-shaker cap sifter to decorate it. And it came out lopsided. Better luck next time. :) Next time when I have a sifter! It was fun anyway. And it still ended up edible. :) Not a bad situation I think.

I never did cut out pieces for the projects I want to make. Maybe this coming weekend I'll work on some projects. I am very sad about the earthquake in China today. How sad! I can't imagine what the families out there are going through! And how about all the tornadoes that have been going on out west? I hate storms and natural disasters. When it comes to those, there isn't an adventurous bone in my body. I'm a total wimp. Thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of those events.