Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ouch...that hurts!

My teeth that is. You probably knew this post was coming. Where I complain about how painful braces are. But the truth is I'm not going to say a word about how bad it hurts. I'm not even going to talk about how it's rubbing the inside of my cheek off. Nope. Not a single word.


But I'll tell you about getting them on. See, it's fun for the first hour or so. Before the unmentioned pain sets in.
On Friday I drove out to my orthodontist's office. I was getting my lower braces on! Woo hoo!
(See, now I really can't close my mouth. Not enough room.)
Progress! I should find my before photo and scan it in here. But I don't know where that photo is and we don't have a scanner anyway so I can't.

While I was working at the dentist office, I got my braces. And so did one of our hygienists and the doctor I worked with. In fact, my doctor was only about 3 weeks ahead of me in the whole braces schedule. We all saw the same orthodontist and since we all had the same schedule at work, we all got Friday appointments. So we usually ended up at the office on the same day at the same time. It was kind of funny.
So on Friday, it turned out that my doctor had her appointment at 12 and mine was at 12:30. And we saw each other. I walked back into the operatory and the assistant who was going to be working on my teeth said, "your doctor is over there if you want to say hi before we start." Sure enough, she was in the chair so I walked over and waved. "Hello. I didn't recognize you on that end."
"Haa," (hi) she replied.
You see, it's hard to talk when someone has their hands in your mouth.
So I went over to my chair and they started to place brackets on my lower teeth. Oh, but before that, they put those awful cheek retractor things in. The ones that feel like they're going to split your face apart. I think those are partly for their amusement cause you look really funny while you wear them. Anyway, while they were doing that my doctor finished her appointment and walked over to my chair to say hello.
"Haa," (hi) I said back.
"I'm going to wait for you till you're done, okay?" She said.
"Uguh," (okay) I replied.

We ended up getting lunch and she came back to my house to meet my dogs. Solomon (as always) seemed to be the favorite. It was a fun morning.

The next day I went out with my sisters. Jacqueline had some errands she needed to run and I needed to stop by the eye doctor to ask about getting contacts. Cause I said I'd never wear braces and glasses together and then I did. I also needed dental wax which is very hard to find. If you need it, go to your local CVS. That's where I eventually found mine. I went to Walmart and Martins and they didn't have it. Walmart used to have it, but doesn't anymore.
Holly came with us and we ended up getting strawberry frappes and a strawberry banana smoothie before we came home. I love being with my sisters. They really are my closest friends.

I'm actually getting used to the idea of being home more and am going to try to do some of the things I always claimed I was too busy to do when I was working full-time. Like read a classic, study my nutrition course, spend time with the dogs, go to the park, craft, pull out my violin and practice it, etc. Adam has been getting on youtube and looking up guitar lessons on it and I might see if they have violin lessons on there. I played the violin for 2 years and have a very pretty violin that my parents bought me. We named it The Curly Maple. But I very rarely ever play it. Maybe I'll try to work on that this summer. I'm going to try to view this layoff as an opportunity from God to relax and do some of these things instead of always worrying about my job. And I'm still really thinking of opening an Etsy shop and trying to bring in a little income with that. And eventually I may get a part-time job, but I'm going to wait a little bit first.

So it's really been a nice weekend so far.
Happy Memorial Day!

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