Friday, May 23, 2008

My man Friday...

I tried to sleep in really late, but got up at 8:15.  The sun is shining really brightly outside and it's hard to sleep really late when it's so bright out.  It's really pretty actually.  We're supposed to have 70-80 degree weather this weekend.

So recap on the events of the week:  I can't even remember what happened Monday.  Tuesday was nice.  I always like Bible study nights.  We had a full group over next door for the study and it's always fun to see everyone there.  And I finished my chiropractor appointments too.  I'm supposed to go back in a month to see how I'm doing with the exercises and stretches they taught me. 
Wednesday we had a call saying someone was going to come see the house.  It was a good showing.  The people had some questions and showed some interest.  It was encouraging.  
Yesterday I already said I got laid off.  
Today I get my lower braces on.  :)  And they said they were supposed to add to my bite plane to make it bigger.  I'm not going to be able to close my mouth, lol.  I'm so excited that this is moving along and it's neat to get to see progress.  
I've been running through some ideas of what to do during the weeks and am considering opening an etsy shop.  Maybe it will motivate me to sew and craft some more.  That was actually my reason for starting this blog. I think it's turned into a journal more than anything.  I didn't really have a whole lot of time during the week but now I will.  

Fuel is $3.99 a gallon here.  For regular unleaded.  They say it's supposed to be about $7 a gallon by the end of the year.  Maybe we should all buy bicycles. :)  I've heard a lot of talk about bicycles lately, but it's really impractical where we live now.  Actually, there aren't a lot of places anymore that are set up for bike traffic.  So skip that idea.  Maybe we should get Segways.  That's a better idea! LoL~

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Curtis Family said...

Etsy sounds like a good idea! (and fun!)

Wow, maybe we should bring gas with us so we don't have to fill up there :-) Although I don't know what gas prices are right now in town but on Tuesday I filled up at 1.76 a gallon.

See you soon!