Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The First Time!

I was at the chiropractor today and I finally asked him the question I've been wanting to ask since I started going there as a patient. After he adjusted my back (very loudly!) I asked him, "so, do people come in here all the time and tell you that you crack them up?" At first he looked confused and then he started laughing and said no, that I was the first to ever say that. Like I said, I've been wanting to ask him that for awhile now, but he seemed like a serious person so I never did. Besides, I was certain he probably heard that at least several times a week from other patients with a corny sense of humor and would probably say "yes, every single day."

Now I can tell my co-worker that I finally asked him. We were joking about it and she said if I asked him then she would ask her chiropractor too.

Scratch that off my list of things to do. My jokes are lame. :)

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