Monday, May 26, 2008

We are selling our house.

Hi! Do you want to see our house? Great! But there is a little something you should know before we proceed any further.

Just thought I should warn you. Let's get a little closer.

It's so pretty out here.
You want to talk about craftsmanship? My brother-in-law pretty much built this entire house by himself.  He, my brother Adam, and various family members and friends who pitched in along the way.  And when we were in a time crunch, we got a couple of crews to drywall and mud for us.  But it was mostly done without a lot of extra help.  I hate mudding and sanding walls. I helped finish our basement at our old house and we did all of that. It's a yucky job! Dust gets everywhere and you never seem to completely get it out.  Anyway, I probably would have been in there mudding and sanding but I was finishing my semester at school and working full-time.  
We are getting ready to put up pictures on the web for a real estate site and these are a couple that I took.

Anyway, those are a few pictures of the house. :)

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