Sunday, May 4, 2008

Finally! Some actual crafting to show on my blog. :)

Okay, once again, these photos are awful in quality, but I want to show what I sewed today!

(the apron was modeled by my lovely mom. :) Thanks Mom!)

A new half apron that is just two 1/4 flats sewed together with bias tape.

Nothing very special, it was super easy. My ties are shorter than I would like and they are uneven. But I have so many quarters left over from Christmas sewing that could be used to make aprons and some other stuff.

I got the fabric from A.C. Moore yesterday.

Here is a close up of the fabrics used.

I just thought the one that had all the writing on it would be really cute as an apron.

And here is another linen bag. I really like using linen. It just seems so classic. This one is not lined. It's basically just 2 rectangles sewed together with a pocket and trim. The straps are just long strips of linen turned into a bias tape and sewed into the blue trim on the top.

I enjoyed the chance to work on some more sewing projects. I will say that the only thing I don't like about the bag is that I made the straps too long and had to put the knot in it or else it hangs down past my knees (this is partly because I'm just really short and partly because the straps are too long).

Hmm...what should I make next?

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Jacqueline Frey said...

...some things for me of course! :)