Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

May 1st!

I can't believe how quickly April went by. What a chaotic month! Ch-ch-ch-changes!

Starting with:
my dog getting pregnant
my Grandma getting very sick
my parents going out of town to see my Grandma who was recovering at that point (which isn't chaotic in and of itself, it was everything that happened at home)
people coming to see the house
doctors leaving our practice (work is like a soap opera lately, tune in next time to see what will happen...*ominous dum dum dums to be inserted here*)
my neighbors moving (sniff sniff)....

of course it wasn't all stressful. Some of it was very nice. :)

Visits with friends
Bleak House movie nights
spring blooms
gorgeous weather!
Photography possibilities
Bible studies
Pampered Chef party...

I'm curious as to what May will bring. All my college friends should be coming home this month so I'm looking forward to that. All kinds of changes at work can be expected I'm sure. Maybe a few more calls on the house.
God has a way of surprising us and keeping us on our toes! I'm sure that more surprises are in store for me this year. It's amazing how strange life has gotten since I turned...oh 16? I think it was 16. Not strange really, I guess it's just become more alive and interesting. Or maybe I just started taking notice of it around that age.

At any rate, I'm certainly enjoying keeping a log of everything on here. Happy May! I hope it brings us all surprises. :)

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