Saturday, February 28, 2009

Doing the Charleston :)

Actually, I do know how to do the Charleston (I think). This is a very late post about my trip to Charleston. I went there for a 'business' trip with my boss and co-worker. I feel so grown-up saying I went on a business trip. It was really an expanded functions course conference. I learned how to place sealants and pack cord and fun things like that. I got a couple of pictures of our hotel room. It looked a lot like the Marriott I stayed at in DC, only not as pretty. I didn't really get pictures of the city as it was only about 17*F outside and we always stayed inside the Marriott (home sweet hotel of mine :) or we were hanging out at the 3 story mall right across the street from the Marriott. Which was fun. :)
I did get a picture of this building while we were walking back from dinner. I am not sure if it is a temple or a mosque. It was very pretty though. It started snowing and it looked so beautiful I took a picture of it. Unfortunately the picture doesn't do the building justice. Oh well. Hopefully you have some idea of what it looks like.
I did not particularly like Charleston. We found that the people were not really friendly. There were a few very nice people that we came into contact with, but for the most part we found a lot of people to be very aloof and even rude. Bummer.

It was not a bad trip. The classes I took were interesting for the most part. We enjoyed shopping around and going out for dinner together. The hotel had a really nice restaurant with healthy food. It's nice to have some healthy options because it seems hard to find nutritious foods to eat when you are staying away from home. People usually go to restaurants and everything is greasy or really bready or something. Or at least that has been my experience.

We also stopped at the outlet mall (which was teeny tiny) to stretch our legs a little bit and to go inside the Fiesta Ware store. Apparently Fiesta Ware is based in WV and they do have beautiful dishes. They are really expensive too! The store we visited had a 'Seconds' room where there were lots of dishes with minor defects (unnoticeable ones actually) for really cheap prices. So if you ever want to buy some Fiesta Ware dishes take the road the goes to nowhere and stop at the itty bitty outlets. It's as easy as anything.

As far as capitals go, my favorites are Austin, Texas and DC. In that order. Is that a little weird? I've been to Raleigh too, but can't remember it it was so long ago. Sorry Charleston, but you don't quite make it onto my favorites list. Thanks for letting me come visit for a short while though!

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