Monday, February 2, 2009

Puppy count currently stands at:

4. We lost the littlest male last night. I think we knew from the beginning that he was in trouble and might not make it. We bought him a little bottle and some puppy formula from PetCo (where the pets go!) and brought him upstairs and tried to warm him up and get him some food, but he just wouldn't or maybe couldn't suck from the bottle. So we tried to feed him one drop at a time, but he still wasn't really eating. The other puppies were moving around a lot, being very vocal and nursing a lot, but this one wasn't able to move very much and was very quiet and obviously wasn't able to nurse.

I feel kind of bad. It's very common to lose a puppy or two in any litter, especially when you didn't even know your dog was pregnant to begin with! We're still getting over the surprise. We've been breeding puppies for years now and I've made it my new policy not to get worked up over the puppies and to not get attached. But we did try to help this puppy and it makes me happy to know that at least we tried.

The good news is that Brandy is an excellent mother and the other 4 are doing very well. They're fat and happy. I can't wait till their 2 and half to 5 weeks old. That's the fun age. They're so cute then and fluffy. I'm sure I'll have pictures to show soon.

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