Monday, August 24, 2009

Convocation (yeah, I don't know what it means either)

Yesterday we all had to load up (smoosh into) buses and we went to the Coliseum for Convocation. Basically it's a university welcome. Fieldcrest was in section 26 and I sat at the very top! It was pretty cool. This is the stadium empty. We must have been one of the first groups to get there because it took forever before all the other halls and commuters got there. This picture shows about half of the crowd.
This was when we were about to get started. It took forever to get everyone in there and ready to go. It was pretty boring waiting. It seems that most of the people on my floor are freshman and they are some of the most immature people...they were all talking about all the partying that they did the night before.

Basically we had to sit and watch a little video that they made of someone trying to get to the coliseum because "it starts there." Then the basketball coach got up and said a few words as did one of the philosophy professors and the new president and the SGA president and the mascot and some student athletes get the picture, right? Basically we heard praises sung in honor of WVU for about an hour before we were allowed to go home. Oh, we got these tee shirts for free:
The reason was one of our student speakers was giving a talk on WVU traditions. One of these traditions is the "Lets Go Mountaineers" chant. Another is the "Country Roads" song. When the girl mentioned Country Roads I swear a bunch of people started squealing. They said that whenever you're at a game and we win the WVU fans all link arms and sway back and forth while singing Country Roads. And then they made us put on our WVU tees and practice. People were getting really into it. The row in front of me was really into it; all of them were holding hands and singing and row not so much. The two girls next to me were singing it, and they're from Kentucky and Philly, I don't know the song and the guys next to me just looked at his feet. Oh well. Maybe some of this Mountaineer pride will rub off on me before my time here is up.
Classes start today. I have Trig and Ceramics tonight! Wahoo! I'm glad I got into the Ceramics class. I almost got into Ballroom dancing because there was an opening, but I had a time conflict with my social psychology class. Bummer. I'm also taking Uni 101, Chem 2, Chem 2 lab, and a minor course for Family and Consumer science. For some reason I thought I was taking 7 courses, but I'm only taking 6. I would have liked to pick up a piano class, but I had a major restricion so I can't. I guess it gives me time to work though. I need to go out and find a job. I think getting through this first week without working though will help because it will help me figure out how much time I need to get around places.
I'll write again after my classes.

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