Saturday, June 20, 2009

Very busy

It's been pretty crazy here lately. Since coming back from orientation I've been working full-time for the past 2 weeks and I'll work full time again this week. Work is going alright but it's been kind of tense and stressful too. Same old same old...

We took a little day trip to Gettysburg last Sunday. It was so pretty outside...gorgeous weather. The battlefield park was pretty too. I like Antietam better. Dad can't believe I would like Antietam better. But there it is.
First family photo (of course we're missing 3 important family members and I'm not talking about the newfs!) in years!

It was a nice way to end the week. Unfortunately I was an emotional grump and had a few ''rough'' moments along the way. I've been so emotional lately. I've cried more this week than I have since the year began if that gives you any insight into my roller coaster emotions. So I decided that during my week off this July I am going to do an Atkins/Zone/South Beach/Grace's own diet to try and drop a few lbs and straighten out my crazy hormones. Then last night I decided, "what the heck? What's stopping me?" and today I am starting my diet instead of putting it off another 2 weeks. I am going to tell the ladies on Monday that I'm an emotional wreck and I'm on a diet so please be patient and supportive and I will be as stable and kind as I can. And also to please not offer me junk food! Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be a few lbs lighter and feeling a little less emotional and a little more optimistic. I am forseeing lots of salads and coleslaw and lettuce wraps and veggies, veggies, veggies in my future! And hopefully the clothes I ordered from Old Navy will be looser than I expect them to be. :)

So a little bit of crafting has been done. I decorated these bobby pins this week. It was a fun little project that wasn't too overwhelming while I'm working full-time. I don't know how people manage 5 days a week. I was so used to 4 days a week and then 2 and then 3...5 is tough! I'm a weakling. :P
One of the things that has been making me very stressed and emotional is the fact that I have been dealing with sore, achy muscles and joints since the middle of the semester. This week has been the worst yet and I have a suspicion that it has to do with all the stress I am under. This really upsets me because I think it's another lyme symptom. At 20 years old your hips and knees and shoulders should not be so achy. And I haven't been working out so that is not why they're sore. Actually, I'm not working out because I'm already sore and it hurts to work out! But regardless of whether it hurts or not I plan to be working out this summer along with this diet. The idea that I could have a potentially debilitating disease just makes me depressed and scared. So I'm hoping that my diet will help me to have a little more energy and a more positive attitude and I'll feel better enough to try to find natural or less expensive ways to treat myself for symptoms. Cause right now I just feel like sleeping all the time. I'm thinking about ordering some samento and chlorella and buffered vitamin c. And if I notice anything then I'll probably definitely bring them with me to school to try and keep from getting sick.

That's been this week. Yesterday I worked from 9-1:30 then I went to the library. I picked up a bunch of books. I didn't get to read very many of the other ones I borrowed but that's okay. I read The Penderwicks and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (this is the 3rd or 4th time I've read it and it's just as good as the first time) and I've been reading a book I bought from Borders for 99 cents called The Callahan Cousins. It's a kid's book and it's kinda fun but kinda annoying too. I have another book I bought for 99 cents that looks a little more promising. I'll let you know after I finish it. The first chapter was interesting. I'm really enjoying this opportunity to read ''fun'' books. After 2 semesters of textbooks and papers I realized that I haven't read a book I enjoy in a really long time. Probably not since last summer or even before that. I used to love reading and I still do so I'm going to be visiting the library and just reading fun stuff before I leave in August.

I'm planning to do a post on all the books I have read this summer (once I read a few more) and put it on my other blog so others can draw some ideas for books. That's how I got the recommendations for most of the books I checked out.

After my trip to the library I came home and ran out the door to go to Target and Walmart with Mom, Adam and Holly. Dad is in NC visiting his Aunt Joyce and cousins because his cousin Albert died last weekend. So did Bea Schaeffer. It makes me so sad. She was a very sweet woman and I can't imagine what her family is dealing with. She had cancer for a long time and people say that it is almost a relief when a person dies then because they aren't in pain anymore and you've been slowly letting go of them so it hurts less. I don't know if that's true or not. I think it must still hurt a lot.

Last night after we got home Holly and I went to Blockbuster to rent a few movies. We picked everything out and got up to the checkout and I realized I didn't have my wallet with me! I left it at home by the computer so I called Mom and she actually met me half way when to drop it off so Adam decided he wanted to come too and in the end Holly, Adam and I went up there and didn't get home till 10:00 pm. It's hard for me to find a good movie. I wanted Penelope but couldn't find it. In the end we got Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (per Holly's request), Spiderwick (oh my love for children's fantasy/adventure stories...they're so fun and colorful), and The Pink Panther. Oh my goodness it was hilarious! There were a few scenes that were inappropriate but if you were little you wouldn't catch onto them. I felt like talking in a fake french accent afterward because Steve Martin's accent was so funny. But don't worry. I didn't.

This past week a man who lives near the Hunters held his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife hostage in his house over night and then he killed her. On Monday I passed a car/bicycle accident on my way to work. I know life isn't guaranteed. I know people can be evil. I know we should enjoy our time while we are here and I know we should cherish the people around us. It's just so easy to forget to do that during the hum-drum of each day. I want to make it a point to love the people I'm with and make the most of my time.

And last but not least. I miss my sister so much. She and Matt and Olive are in Ohio for this month and I can't wait till they get home. They were supposed to be home before July 4th because Cheryl was coming but now she can't either because her home was broken into while she was away and now she has to have repairs done and such. I can't imagine what that would be like. Luckily she was safe and her kitties were safe and for that we are thankful. We are hoping to get to see her sometime in August. I hope I get to see her before I leave. Classes start August 24th so I have an extra week!

Alright, time to put an end to this insanely long catch-up post! I'm going to go take a shower and read a book. Or watch one of the movies. I have the house to myself for awhile so I can do whatever I want! :)
Ta ta!

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