Monday, January 21, 2008

Worky work~

So it's Monday. But it was a very good day at work. :)

I used to LOVE Mondays. I always knew exactly what I was doing those days. Very stable. Back when I worked at The Daily Grind (Coffee Shop). I always knew what time I was working, who I was working with, who would mostly likely come in, and I had one class at school afterwards and then I was done.

I know who I'm working with now, but day-to-day life at work is not quite that stable anymore. Working at a dentist office is really interesting, and I like it. Today the office was very quiet as one dentist and two hygienists were out of the office. Not usually like this but it was nice.

So, one day down, three more till I'm off for the weekend! (One major perk to working at a dentist office is I get 3 day weekends! Woot!)

Till later~ or when I actually make something to post on this blog.

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