Sunday, January 27, 2008

Projects I want to make!

A few projects I'd like to make this year.

Here they are (in no particular order):

  • Finish my quilt
  • Finish my skirt
  • Finish the baby book for my cousin's baby (does that make me second cousin or first cousin once does that work anyway?)
  • make a wall organizer
  • make an inspiration board(s)
  • make curtains
  • make a yoga mat bag
  • make a sundress like this one
I couldn't find a full picture of this dress and I couldn't get rid of the captions on this pic. I'm not very good with computers. But if you've seen Napoleon Dynamite then you probably know which sundress I'm talking about.

I like the idea of wearing skirts and casual dresses. I'm looking forward to looking into that project, but I am going to make myself finish a few other projects first. Maybe. Ha ha. With the upcoming move though it's kinda silly to make some of these projects right now so maybe that will get bumped up on the list.

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cleanjokes said...

nice photolog! congrat!