Friday, April 11, 2008

Mostly a picture post...

I met my friend Becca today for tea. It was very pretty outside and everything is starting to bloom around here. It was a good chance to take a few photos.

We went to a tea house called Shaharazade's. It's supposed to be pretty authentic. It was very cool.

The tea was really good, as were scones I stuffed my face with. :P Becca was laughing cause I had to photograph everything. I didn't photograph the scones though. I restrained myself.

Things I'm thankful for today:
1. good weather
2. good friends
3. good tea (and scones)
4. getting my haircut
5. staying safe on the road
6. laid back day
7. seeing the chiropractor. It's really helped my back.
8. my job...I really do like it and my bosses.

Speaking of my job, one of our dentists is leaving the practice. It was quite a shock. We are excited for her since she is opening her own practice, but we will miss her being at the office. Change is so weird. I used to hate it. Now I feel that I go with it alright. I have learned to expect it really. As soon as things get quiet, expect change. It just seems to be the way of my life. Change and waiting for's a vicious cycle. Life really is a crazy journey. We've been a little stressed at my house lately. This anticipation of the move is starting to get to certain members of our family and it's making them anxious. I know I'm one of those members of the family. But I'm enjoying the time I have here still. Hopefully I'll be here when everyone gets out of school so I can see them a little this summer before we pack up and go. It was a nice laid back day. I think I needed it. Now hopefully I'll do something productive tomorrow. Like homework! LoL~

I hope everyone has a happy weekend. :)


M & J Frey said...

i'm so jealous that i wasn't able to come. :( you inspire me - i need to start blogging again. darn laziness!

Court said...

Finally got to see what the tea shop in Shepardstown looks like. It is so fun to try those things.
BTW you and Becca look like you could be sisters in these pics