Saturday, April 12, 2008

While strolling through the park one day...

more like while walking at a snail's pace, stopping every so often to snap photos and ending up on the swings having a blast with my sister, Holly. It was so fun. I just LOVE this weather. And my allergies haven't really kicked in yet although my eyes were getting all watery and itchy last night. I'll spare the details on that though.

As I was saying, it was just a beautiful day. And I was probably annoying Holly because I kept making her stop so I could take her picture and making her take mine. She's a good sport though.

We ended up on the playground swinging and playing on the jungle gym. I love swings and slides and all that stuff. I know that's kinda silly, so I like going to the park with kids to give me an excuse to play on the playground with them. It was nice to just play again. Why do we stop playing? I'm only 19 and I don't really play anymore, but it's so fun.

Sorry for the excessive number of posts in one day. :P

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frozbertis said...

haha, yeah that was pretty fun