Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today on the way to school I almost hit a deer. It was in a convenient place actually (if there is ever a convenient place to hit a deer), we had just turned out of the driveway. I gasped and slammed on the brake and I think I scared Adam in the process.

On the way home I told Adam to help me keep an eye out for deer. It was dark and I was scanning to see if there were any deer eyes showing. You know what it reminded me of? Well, no, you probably don't (Jacqueline and Mom might), so I'll tell you.

While we lived in Ayden, Dad bought a hand-held spotlight. One fall we would all get in the suburban at night and drive near some fields and look for deer with the spotlight. I remember liking it. Getting in the car with my family at night and looking for deer. Now we have deer that live next to our house and jump out at me while I'm driving. So driving at night on the lookout for deer doesn't have the same appeal anymore. I am not sure why we used to go out and look for deer. Maybe it was just to use Dad's spot light. Maybe it was just to see some deer. Anyway, we only did it a few times. It wasn't something we did every year or every night. Just a couple of times.

That's what I was thinking about on my drive home tonight. Nothing jumped out at me, but King was in our driveway and ran towards the car. King has this game he likes to play. I call it the "I'll-lay-out-in-the-road-and-you-try-not-to-kill-me" game. And I think he's the only one who enjoys it.

Anyway. Speaking of memories, it is September 11th and a mere 7 years ago today I remember watching the news showing the planes flying into the the twin towers. I remember being terrified. I remember going into my room and crying while Jacqueline watched the news. I remember that mom was at the dentist when all this was going on. I remember how the planes stopped flying (we lived behind an airport and we used to hear planes flying overhead all the time throughout the day) for the next couple of days. I remember the shock and horror of the families and friends who suddenly lost their loved ones.

And I am thankful that God has not allowed anymore attacks on our nation since then. I pray that He will continue to keep us safe. I know that all things work together for good for those that love Him though and I know that it was all a part of His plan.

I know a lot of families are grieving right now on this day. Remember them!

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Jacqueline said...

one thing i will not miss about retriever lane, is king! :)