Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Monday...sort of

Here it is. Another week. With all the trauma and drama of a new week waiting to unfold. So far it's been an eventful day. The news this morning was all abuzz with the situation regarding the stock market and the banks. I missed a chiropractic appointment today without realizing it. Luckily I'm not being charged a late fee! Plus other crazy stuff. In addition to that my sister was telling me about their new place and how crazy everything with that is. I think they are happy to be in their new place though. I am hoping to get over there early before Bible study this week to check it out. :)

I have been trying to clean out some stuff in my room (big surprise) and I have a post about that once my camera battery recharges. I also have a post about a new addition in our home once my battery recharges. I would like a spare camera battery, but the battery that my camera takes costs $50+ bucks. That is just crazy. It may sound funny, but I'd rather go buy a better camera than buy an extra battery. So for now I will just stick to recharging my trusty little Sony camera. It's been a good little machine so far.

Dad bought a shredder so he can shred documents and UPS delivered it today. So far he and Holly have shredded a couple pieces of paper, an old credit card, and a cd. I didn't know those things could shred cd's but it's kinda cool. It's just a really cheap manual shredder, but shredders are so fun. :) I used to like shredding stuff at work.

I really should be doing my homework right now and not putting it off till later in the week. I just can't concentrate. It's so frustrating! Maybe I'll go finish sorting through stuff in my room.

I'll be back when my camera battery has finished charging~

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Bea said...

Hi Grace it's so refreshing to hear a post like yours isn't life just exciting?! Never dull that's for sure. I can't wait to see your pics!