Saturday, September 27, 2008


It is finally the weekend and I am so incredibly exhausted I can hardly get anything accomplished. It is an awful feeling. Ever since I came home from Sneak Peek I have been so fatigued that I'm starting to scare myself. On Thursday I drank 3 cups of coffee just trying to keep my energy up. This whole week I have felt that as soon as I stop moving I am going to fall sound asleep, and while I am moving about throughout the day, all I can think about is how tired I am. At night-time as soon as my head hits the pillow I am completely out. Driving is hard too because I am so zoned out. I ran a red light this week because I was at the front of the light and someone behind me honked and I immediately started to go because I thought the light must have turned green and I wasn't moving fast enough when really whoever honked was probably honking at someone else. Luckily, no one was coming and no one was looking so I didn't get into an accident and I didn't get a ticket. Basically what I'm saying is I am super fatigued, and my mind is all fuzzy. And driving at night is horrible because the lights from other cars is killing my eyes. When a car passes me I slow way down because I am a little bit blinded while they go past me. And don't even get me started about driving at night while it's raining! That was torture! I do not remember having this much trouble driving at night last year. I liked driving at night.

So I took very large amounts of zinc, selenium, B-12 and fish oil yesterday and today I am still worn out. I'm going to go take some more vitamins, do my homework, and then take a nap. I'll catch you all later~

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