Friday, October 31, 2008

One long post...

Oh wow, where to begin? It's been a long time since I updated this lil' ole' blog of mine. Not having internet connection + being really busy = no blogging. :(

But today I am caught up on homework (for the present moment) and am sitting in a coffee shop with wireless internet and am going to catch up on what's been going on with me lately. I voted today. It was the last day for early voting and I went ahead and 'did my duty as an American' and cast my vote. That way I don't have to fool with it on Tuesday, which is going to be a very busy day! But I'll say more about that later. Back to voting. Voting is a personal decision, I am told, but I'll give you a hint as to who I voted for: they say he's a maverick. That's all I'm going to say. Ha ha. :)

I worked full-time last week while Pam was away at the Outer Banks. The week went alright. I agreed to work a Friday last week too so I was there pretty much every day. A lot of days I was getting there at 7:30 and not leaving till 6 pm. I also worked 3 days this week and am glad to have the rest of the weekend off. I had a little conflict come up at work on Wednesday. I didn't argue with anyone, but I felt like crying as I left. I'm feeling much better now. I'm hoping next week will be a better week.

We seem to have hit a little wall with Cru. Our Focus Groups haven't been any success (no one has come to either of them) and that is kind of disappointing to me. I had a good talk with Leisa yesterday and she told me not to be discouraged because no one has come. She said to just keep building relationships with the students there. And I have been. I've been making friends with more students and am kind of excited about it. :) I keep trying to tell myself that this is God's ministry and that He will do what he wants to do with it. It has been my prayer too as far as our Cru group goes. I think my biggest worry about it now is that within our group there exists some bad feelings towards members and I don't want to see that become a problem. I think we might try to call another meeting outside of our regular meetings to try and open communications again. I guess we will just see what is going to happen.

I got my mid-terms back. 4 A's and 1 C. I don't know if I mentioned that here or not, but I thought I'd go ahead and write it anyway. Classes are going a little better, but I'll admit that I feel really apathetic about doing my homework. Honestly, I just don't want to do it. But I do turn in all my assignments anyway and am going to keep doing it until I'm finished with school. I called WVU yesterday to ask what their requirements were for getting into their dental hygiene program and they're way different from what I thought they were. I have to change around my schedule for next semester now (which may be a good thing because I have 3 science courses next semester and I don't need them all). I'm going to go ahead and apply soon because they only take 20 students and they will be selecting them until March so I need to start figuring out what to take. I need one more foreign language credit and I'm going to see if they offer one in the summer or if I need to go to another school to take it. Wish me luck! I would really prefer not to wait another year before finishing everything up.

I've tried to do some sewing, but haven't had a lot of the inspiration or time or motivation to do anything. So I have nothing new to show. Bummer. LoL.

I'm turning 20 tomorrow. Every year around my birthday I get reflective and look back on what I've done in a years time. I usually get depressed. I feel like I've wasted a lot of time or didn't do a lot of the things I should have done. I'm trying not to slip into that. I've been blessed immensely with another year of life and I'm grateful for it. And it's been a good year. Crazy, wild, but good nonetheless. And I have learned a lot from it. So tomorrow I am going to just relax and enjoy my family. I was given a special gift this year. One I didn't expect to get, and I haven't really gotten it yet. I'll get it on Tuesday. See, one of the reasons I voted early is because I am going to the doctor with my sister for her ultrasound! She and Matt are going to hopefully find out the baby's sex this week and I get to go and see my little niece or nephew and I'm so excited about it. I can't wait to be an aunt. It is really giving me a lot to look forward to!

Well, that's enough for this post. I have a few more to write anyway so I'll stop here for now.

By the way, happy end of October!

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