Friday, October 31, 2008

Phil Keaggy and Fernando Ortega concert

Those guys came to the Weinberg Center in Fredrick, Maryland a few weeks ago and we got to go see them. They were so good! I didn't really know anything about Fernando Ortega before this concert, but he is very talented. I have been listening to the few songs of his that I am able to get my hands on, and I am really enjoying them.This is the lobby area. You could buy drinks and candy down there. Adam bought 4 packs of skittles and ate them all during the concert.
I got a (lousy) picture of the stage before they turned the lights out and brought out Phil Keaggy (who did a fabulous, amazing, terrific, beautiful and outstanding job, if I do say so myself. I'm so excited that I got to see him in person! I've been listening to him since I was 6 or 7 years old!) who went first during the concert. I would have taken his picture, but Kim *the lady usher* said we weren't allowed to take any pictures during the concert. I wanted to sneak a couple of pictures without my flash, but decided to stick to the rules. I wonder if they would have kicked me out if I had tried to take a picture....hmm...

It was an excellent concert. The best one I've been to. Both Phil and Fernando were talented and connected with the audience really well. And they're funny too! I was teasing Dad saying that now I've finally been to a concert that wasn't a Petra concert. He said, "oh, is this the second concert you've been to?" No, Dad, but the other 3 were all Petra concerts. It's funny that he should have asked that because he was at all 3 with me. :)

Downtown Fredrick is cute. I love visiting downtowns of new places. We walked around a little bit before the concert and stopped at Starbucks. I'd like to go back sometime.

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