Friday, April 24, 2009

The 7 Week Itch

It's that time of year again! Birds are chirping, flowers blooming, and the pollen is everywhere. And that is my problem! You see, not to disgust anyone, I have mentioned before that I get pretty bad spring allergies. I think they were worse when I was little. As I've gotten older I have learned more about managing them, and moving quite a bit probably makes a difference too. I may not be exposed to a certain allergen here like I was when I was little.

But regardless, the pollen is at work and it is making me itch. My nose itches, my eyes itch, my throat itches and my skin itches too. Since I was little my skin has reacted with something whether it is pollen or something else in the air and it makes my legs and arms and sometimes my neck itch like crazy. It's like having poison ivy without ever coming into contact with poison ivy. When I was a little younger I thought that it was a reaction caused by me inhaling the pollen or something but now I think it has to do with my skin actually being exposed to it. Because as long as my legs and arms are not exposed to the outdoors I am usually fine. This means that for several weeks during the spring I cannot wear skirts or shorts because...well...I already said it, it makes my skin itch and it is SO annoying!

Luckily for me, I think I have gradually been outgrowing this reaction because my reactions are less severe now than they were when I was younger. Or perhaps I just know more about how to take care of myself (by wearing long clothes and not scratching). And lucky for me (so far) I usually am not made to mow the lawn because I can't keep my neck covered and my neck starts to itch horribly. Plus my eyes start to itch and my throat and nose start to itch...

It's not pleasant.

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