Friday, April 3, 2009

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. Henry David Thoreau

Isn't that a nice quote? When I think of the life I imagined for myself as a younger girl it doens't quite match up with my life now. But isn't it better that way? Isn't it better not to have as much control as we want to have? Isn't is good to know our Creator is all-powerful and all-knowing and that He LOVES us and has a plan for us? I'm glad that I don't have to totally rely on myself to make my future. Sure I have an idea of the life I would like to have, but one thing I'm learning is not to make definite plans. Things generally don't go according to plan and the detours we take are usually for our own good, right?

But I suppose I can still go in the direction of my dreams, pursuing the desires that God has put in my heart and hoping that He will fulfill them. I'm just trying not to be too attached to my dreams/plans so that I will be open to what God wants for me.

Speaking of good quotes Corrie Ten Boom said once "I have learned to hold things loosely so that it doesn't hurt when God pries my hand open and takes them away." Well, if that wasn't an exact quotation it was pretty close.

Well, I am off to the shower and my bed. I'm really tired and tomorrow Mom and Dad are getting their new puppy! Yes, they're getting another one! A Havanese this time. I'm way behind on blogging and pictures.


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