Saturday, April 18, 2009

Loverly Spring

The weather this weekend was absolutely glorious! These are the flowers that were blooming at my sister's house. They moved into their home last weekend, only a week and a half after having Olive. It is a cute house with a lot of potential. And pretty flowers outside.Holly and I went to the park this evening. It was too nice to stay indoors. We just caught the end of the spring blooms. Most of the trees are turning green now. Even so it looks much better than it did during the winter.

I love how velvety the grass looks during this time of year. And I like the shadows from the other trees behind us in this picture too.

After walking around a bit we ended up swinging on the swings for awhile. Until Holly got motion sickness and needed to stop. She ended up laying down on a picnic table under one of the pavillions until she felt a little bit better.

You have to get these moments of enjoyment in before the allergies really strike and keep you housebound. The way my sinuses are acting right now I think that time is just around the corner!

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