Saturday, April 18, 2009

Catching up

I finally got a chance to catch up on my blogging! I miss the good old days of blogging when we had high-speed internet...let us take a moment to mourn the passing of those days...okay, that's long enough!

So spring break is over. Boy it was nice to have a whole week off school! I only had to work 2 days too so I had a nice long break. On Monday I spent pretty much the whole day with Becca. We had a great time. We had tea and cinnamon rolls and Becca made a skirt using the directions for drafting a pattern in Sew What! Skirts. Her skirt was great! It was "eco-chic." We also watched a movie and had dinner and did some grocery shopping. All in all a fun day. I brought stuff to sew and I cut out a lot of stuff but in the end I didn't do any sewing. I brought my Janome that used to be my Grandma's and I couldn't figure out how to use it so I will either wait to sew the pieces I cut out until I learn how to use the machine or I'll just use my old machine that is falling apart. I'm sad that my old machine is slowly dying. I have fond memories of that thing! Another reason I didn't/haven't done any sewing is because I've been feeling so foggy. I'm having such a hard time concentrating these days. I have a follow up appointment with my doctor at the end of the month and I'm really hoping for some answers!

This week was crazy! Not only did I have to go back to school but there was something of an explosion at work on Tuesday. I went in to help out since it looked like a busy day and I got to witness my boss have a meltdown on my co-worker about the way the office was so disorganized and things weren't getting done and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was one of those situations where throughout the whole day you could cut the air in the office with a knife it was SO tense! I was ready to look for a new job. I've written here before that I have been kind of frustrated with work and when all of that happened I felt like it was the last straw. Wednesday wasn't that much better until the afternoon and then things started to calm down and go back to normal. I worked with my boss alone on Friday and we had a good day. I was able to talk to her about what had happened on Tuesday and I am hoping that it was a productive conversation. Basically we both agreed that since there are 3 part-time assistants and no one is there full time that no one is really on the same page and no one is really communicating with each other we are going to have to find a way to come up with some solutions to those problems so that things are run more efficiently. Since all of this took place though Pam is now looking for a new job and Dorothy said that if Pam leaves then she is leaving too. Dr. Hartman doesn't know any of this. So it is looking like there is a good possibility that she will be losing 2 assistants rather soon and she knows I am leaving in the fall to go to WVU. I have decided that I'm not going to quit working for her this summer. Hopefully since Tuesday things will have gotten better and since I talked to her maybe we can find a way to work out a system that will make the whole office run more smoothly. Besides, knowing that she might be losing 2 assistants soon I just can't quit on her too. I mean, I know I can, but I want to give it another chance and see if things get better now that everything is out in the open. Sometimes working in an office full of women can be really difficult. I feel kind of torn sometimes because she has been really good to me in that she has given me a job and been very supportive of me going to school and working around my schedule. When I asked for more hours she gave me more and things like that. Yes, she drives me out of my mind sometimes, but hey, it's a job and probably one of the best ones I will be able to get around here.

Speaking of school, I think I'm getting a little nervous about it. I sent in my deposit to reserve my spot in the Nutrition program and next week after I get my paycheck I will send in my housing deposit. Not know exactly where I will be living and who I will me living with makes me very anxious since I've heard horror stories about awful roommates. WVU is known for being a party school and it stresses me out to think that I might get a roommate who is into drugs or brings strange guys back to the room and might cause a big problem for me. I guess I will just have to trust God to take care of all of those things.

I've been thinking about that Keith Green song, Jesus Takes Care of the Rest. It is very applicable to where I am now. I know that Jesus loves me and I know that He is always with me. So why do I worry so much about things I can't control? I want to be able to live life without worrying what is going to happen. Jesus promises to provide for me. I should be able to live without a care in the world with that knowledge. That's my goal.

Well, only 3 (or 4) more weeks until the end of semester. I can't belive how close we are to summer vacation, AKA freedom! I am so excited for summer vacation. It's going to be lovely! I think I'm going to get a few extra hours at work too (definitely so if both Pam and Dorothy quit) which means I can finally pay off this semester and save up for this fall. Plus I think I will have a lot of preparations to see to for this fall. I'm trying to be excited...I hope I like living in Morgantown.

Well, I may not be posting again until after finals so if I am absent you will know that I am busy trying to keep up with everything in my life right now.

Hopefully I will be back soon!

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PilgrimHeiress said...

It kinda works that way for most folks -- learning not to worry in situations that give us that option. A pastor this Sunday quoted George Mueller who said that "the beginning of anxiety is the end of faith." The preacher later went on to say that when we worry we are acting like spiritual orphans. He wasn't coming down on us for this human tendency to fear or worry, but was encouraging us instead to remember God's promises, pray earnestly and honestly, and expect the best from our Father. When we are young, we sometimes find ourselves thinking every situation is new and it's like we keep trying out God -- "will you take care of this too?" "Can I trust you with this as well?" The answer is always faithfully the same because He is!