Saturday, March 29, 2008

April Showers bring May flowers, but it's still only never mind...

I got some photos of the pretty hyacinth my sister gave my mom for Easter and the tiger lilies I got just because. :)

In the nutrition course I got the professor on the CDs that came with the course was saying that growing plants brings a sense of calmness and peace and is therapeutic so that's why I got them. I know I mentioned that in my last post, but they do make the house look cheerier. I've always liked lilies, but I like pretty much every flower. We went to California Tortilla last night to get dinner. It's new around here so we checked it out. The atmosphere was very nice, the employees were all really nice, but the food wasn't the greatest. My dad loved it, Holly and I didn't really care for it. And it was really loud in there. But it was fun going out with my dad and sister.

My grandma is still hallucinating. She is off the medications, but they think she is having a reaction to a die-off of bacteria from an infection. She apparently had a UTI but didn't realize it because the sciatica was hurting her so badly. My grandma doesn't have dementia or alzheimers, but she keeps saying weird stuff like she sees bugs that aren't there, she thinks there are about 50 puppies running around her room, she has been crocheting up a storm but without yarn and a crochet hook. She's also come up with all kinds of stories that make no sense and can't seem to distinguish between dreams and reality.

My grandma is very crafty. She baked all kinds of stuff, she sewed, knitted, crocheted, embroidered, did cross-stitch...she helped me learn to crochet and showed me how to knit one time, but I didn't figure it out at that time. She's always lived far away but has come to visit us pretty much everywhere we have lived while she was able to travel. She made us dress-up clothes, doll visit she made everyone quilts using fabric crayons. She drew pictures onto white blocks and pieced them with printed blocks. She drew Raggedy Ann pictures for my quilt and Precious Moments characters for my sister and Adam got Sesame Street characters on his. And she's made afgans for us too. I think I inherited my love of crafting from her. She is good with textiles and such. My dad's mom is into painting, but I can't paint or draw worth anything so I credit my mom's mom with passing down her crafty genes to me. She had 11 kids, 10 of them reached adulthood and she has about 25 grandkids and one great-grandchild. Her husband, my grandpa, died the spring before I was born, so I really only know her. She is a strong woman! And spunky.
She has a funny sense of humor too. And while she has been sick, she apparently seems to be in good spirits. So we are praying for her that she will soon fight off this infection and that the infection is what is causing this "loopyness" and that it will go away soon. It's cold outside today. Hopefully it will warm up soon.

That's all for now.

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