Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday, Monday, so good to me...Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be...

When I worked at the Daily Grind that Mama's and Papa's song was my "theme song." Allow me to explain. I worked pretty much every single Monday of the year that I worked there. We had these guest books that customers could sign and write stories and sketch in. Some of the stuff in there was hilarious, some of it was gross (which is why the books were eventually thrown out by the owner cause it couldn't be controlled), but a majority of these books were filled with lists. Lists like these:
If you were on a TV show it would be:
Katie: Grey's Anatomy
Joelle: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Neo: The matrix (okay it's not a TV show, but his name was Neo so what else could he be on?)

and stuff like that depending on some characteristic of the person they were describing. These lists were made by the employees of the coffee shop and sometimes they drew stick figure drawings of each of us saying some quote we always said. I think my quote was either something from Napoleon Dynamite (no surprise) or "I was prepared!" from Hoodwinked. Anyway, one of the lists had to do with songs that described us and Monday Monday was mine in honor of the fact that I worked Mondays all the time.

Ahh, the good old days...
well I felt better today. I've decided to cut back on the sugar and work out more but today the girl scout cookies I apparently ordered during the same weak moment I had when I ordered the cookie dough from someone else's child came in. Plus all the cold medicine I've taken were making me feel sick (as in nauseas). So I skipped the gym, but I didn't eat the cookies. I'm taking them to Bible study tomorrow and maybe the guys will eat them up. You can usually count on guys for that, right? So that was my grand start. Pretty bad, huh? Oh well. Tomorrow is a new day. And I really didn't eat badly today.

I'm so glad the sun is out longer...or that we set the clocks ahead. Either way, it's so nice to have the sun still out when you get out of work in the evenings. I think spring is finally on it's way! And I have my doctor's appointment set up to come up with a plan to head my allergies off at the pass before I end up with a big problem this season! I'm so excited for better weather!

Happy Monday!

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