Saturday, March 15, 2008

Four Day Weekend Part 1

I have a four day weekend this week! My doctor is out of town until Wednesday and I took Monday off. Becca and Jacqueline are coming over to my house to sew on Monday. It's the spring break for our local colleges next week and I'm so happy that I can get a visit in since it seems so hard to coordinate schedules with everyone. So since my camera is working I'm hoping to post pictures of this sew-fest!

I went to Jo-Ann's last night and got these fabrics. I bought linen for the first time ever! I hear so many people talk about how wonderful linen is and I'm excited to try to make something out of it. I got 2 yards so I'm thinking of trying to make a couple of bags. Plus I got some fun fabrics to use for linings. And that blue eyelet fabric may be a bag or a skirt. Or both. I got quite a bit. Oh, I'm so excited for a chance to hang out with the girls! I think I'm becoming better friends with the ladies at work, but we are so different and have such different ideals and goals and values in life and that's why I'm happy that Jacqueline and Becca are coming over. Cause we have a more common world-view.

The weather has gotten so much nicer lately! It's in the 60's today. Yesterday I went to the park with my dad and siblings and Solomon to walk. It was really nice. I enjoyed it a lot! And although he was tired, I think Solomon had fun too. These newfs tire out so easily. Two or three laps and they are ready to call it quits. They are funny dogs. The weimaraners are so energetic. They will walk or run all day long. I think maybe next weekend I will take Hank for a walk down there. He would really benefit from burning off some energy and learning to walk well on a leash. He's so cute. He doesn't like other dogs much though. He really needs that to be trained out of him. Our other dogs won't take it from him, but he snaps at Django (my sister's dog) when he comes over. He's nice to people though so that is good.

I'm just so pleased that the weather is warming up! I am a little bit worried about allergies and such since I have horrible springtime allergies. I got some Zyrtec today. I've tried several different allergy medicines like allegra, claritin, flonase, and a couple of others and haven't had much success with them. I really hope the Zyrtec has good results. I want to be outside this year. I want to go places and get pictures before we move. We still haven't had anymore people come see the house. I told one of my co-workers who asked if our house had any hits yet that no one will be more surprised than me if/when the house sells! Ha ha. I'm really hoping and we've been praying that God will bring a buyer to us.

One last thing: My Global College course left New Stanton, Pa this morning at 2 am (according to the tracker) and is scheduled to be delivered on Monday. Another reason I'm glad I have that day off. I was going to buy the green mullet wig to wear to work on Monday to see if I could get a reaction from my bosses, but I realized that I have that day off. So maybe next year. :)

Hopefully part two will come Monday evening.
Happy Saturday!

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M & J Frey said...

yay - someone deserves a four day weekend for sure! enjoy every last bit of it...