Friday, March 28, 2008


That is the term the chiropractor used to describe three of the vertebrae in my neck today. that's why it's been hurting. It was weird. He put my neck in different positions and I couldn't move it. My sister and her husband paid a visit to the chiropractor and got a coupon for a free visit to give out to someone and since no one else in my family wanted it and I've had some back and muscle pain lately I got it and went today. It was interesting especially since chiropractors have a more natural approach to wellness than most regular doctors. He took some x-rays and I have an appointment to go back on Tuesday to discuss what to do about my neck and the muscles in my fore arms. I've been having a lot of discomfort at work with my back, neck and forearms, especially in my right arm (I'm right-handed). This week was particularly long. I put in 39 hours in 4 days where I usually put it about 35-36. So not that much more, but enough to make me very tired. It was a good week though. By Thursday my dummy syndrome went away (it took a whole week but hopefully it's gone, lol) and even before that I had enough energy to get through my days. We had early patients scheduled every day and I stayed late a couple of nights when the doctors ran late. On Thursday I got to work around 8:20, broke for lunch around 1:30, clocked back in at 2 and didn't clock out till about 7:45-7:50. And I think I was wound up and it made it hard for me to fall asleep. <> It's just been a long, rather taxing week. My grandma is in rehab for sciatica and fluid buildup in her knees. She went to the hospital and has been transferred to rehab and is on a lot of different medications and is acting really loopy. She says she sees bugs everywhere and tries to smack them and has fallen out of her chair onto the floor so she requires constant supervision. She lives up in Massachusetts so it's not really practical for all of us to take time off work and go up there. My mom and dad are thinking of making a trip up there though to help take care of her. We'll see. We're worried about her and it's really stressing my mom out. My grandma is 86 and has high blood pressure, so we know she's not in the best health, but she's got a strong personality. It would be very sad of course if anything happened to her.

I started listening to my CDs from my Nutrition course. I like them. It talks about more than just nutrition and goes into mind-body wellness, chelation, fitness, candida albicans, and more. They said on the CD's that fresh flowers and stuff like that cause peace and relaxation and
calming effects so I went to Walmart and while I was there I picked up some flowers. I'm waiting for calmness to set in...I'm still waiting, lol. I just like flowers anyway and I think we could all use a little cheer around here with Grammy being sick and all.

I've been looking for yoga classes around town to get into. There aren't any nearby. I really miss it. I loved dancing so much and yoga was a close second to that. I liked being with other people and stretching and just the atmosphere. The place we had class was pretty cool because it was ceramic tiled with windows stretching across three of the walls so you could see the sky and trees and stone from other people. And since class was at night during the late fall when you got there it would be light outside and by the time you finished it would be dusky or dark out. It was just such the coolest place to do yoga, or at least I think it was. It was actually in a cafeteria that was no longer used but it was open and cool inside. I am really hoping to get into a class when we move if not sooner.

So that's the update. I was going to get my hair cut but I don't think it will be today. Maybe tomorrow or later this weekend. I think I need a change, but I want to look at some different hairstyles first. I'm into easy and fast hairstyles which is hard with my hair. It likes to be difficult.

I have to go. We're getting mexican food tonight! Even though I liked my job this week (some weeks I don't really like my job) I love weekends.

Better scoot!

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