Sunday, March 9, 2008

Long Time...

No blog post...

So I've been kinda MIA lately. Really busy with work, I caught a cold, worried over my parent's job and stuff like that. I thought my camera was broken, or that the battery was fried because I left it in the charger for 2 days (I forgot to take it out after I charged it up). So after a trip to the mall and looking in several different stores I found a replacement battery for $50. I was debating whether to get it or not and decided not to just in case it wasn't the battery that was dead. I'm glad I didn't because when I got home I plugged the charger into a different outlet and it started charging again and I tested it in the camera and both worked!
So I finally was able to take a picture of the skirt I made with Becca and my sister. I think the ruffle is a little too...ruffly. Hopefully after it is washed it will relax a little. It is fully lined since it was kind of see-through. I drafted the pattern using Sew What! Skirts. They have another book out now called Sew What! Fleece. It's also pretty good only I haven't tried any of the projects since I don't have any fleece because it's spring (almost).

And I stopped by Payless and got these. I like earthy looking stuff and I thought these looked earthy. Sort of. :) I went shopping with my sister because a friend of ours who works at Payless gave us each a friends and family discount coupon. It was very sweet of her to give them to us. I also got a pair of shoes for Holly that she liked.

And here are some patterns I found in my sewing stuff. Since helping Becca use a pattern I think I might give one of these a try. I've been very intimidated by patterns because I've never used one before, but I think maybe it would be fun to try one now. Plus these are all easy patterns so it shouldn't be too hard. I'm excited. I've got my fabric spread out all over the kitchen table right now because I'm "organizing" it. But I took a break to blog. I'll have to get back to it soon though because my hungry family members are starting to complain about it. Ha ha!

This stuff is dangerously addictive. I'm not talking about the pretzels, I'm talking about the Nutella. I'd never heard of it before until I started working at the dentist office and one of our hygienists brought some in for us all to share. That was Thursday. Friday I went out and bought some and Holly and I have practically eaten the whole thing. Pretty bad I know, but the darn stuff is SO good!

Speaking about food I enrolled with the Global College of Natural Medicine today. I'm in their Nutritional Consultant program. I am well aware that they are not accredited by regular school boards and that my certificate probably won't be very useful in looking for a job, but I plan to major in Nutrition anyway and this will hopefully give me a head-start and something to do during this next year that I'm waiting to move and become an Ohio resident. I'm excited! I hope I like it.

I got my Poirot DVDs in. It was so rainy and yucky this weekend that I wish I didn't get them cause my family just wanted to watch scary murder movies. But they were interesting. One warning is that these are not rated and there were a couple of inappropriate scenes in 2 so far. One (The Hollow?) has a very inappropriate scene in it. I wish there was a way to edit that out. Maybe there is. But I would take that into consideration before buying them. The first 4 I have seen only had some bad language, but the other 2 have a lot of implications and then the one scene. Too bad. They are very interesting.

So to finish this off I want to say I'm thankful for:
Sunshine! It was sunny all day!
being safe driving.
feeling a little better from my cold.
Daylight savings, stays light longer!
Enrolling in the NC program!
My camera is alive!

It's good to be back!

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M & J Frey said...

I think your skirt is so pretty! It will look really nice with your new shoes, too. :) And I can't WAIT to get my hands on some Nutella, as soon as the hard part of this diet is over!!