Sunday, March 30, 2008


My Grandma is doing MUCH better! She isn't hallucinating anymore (apparently she wasn't reacting to the meds at all. Hallucinations can be a side effect of bacterial die-off in older people when they are fighting off a bad infection which is what she was doing), she is able now to distinguish what was a dream and what was real...for the most part anyway. She isn't in pain right now and when she stood up (which she wasn't supposed to do) she was a little wobbly, but not in pain and didn't fall or anything like that. So we are very thankful that she is doing so much better!

Oh, I went to Borders last night and got 2 Agatha Christie books! One is a Hercule Poirot mystery and the other is a Miss Marple mystery. I haven't seen the Poirot one yet and I've never read or seen anything about Miss Marple. So I'm excited because it has been ages since I've really read a book. It's sad too because I love reading.

I am getting ready to go to Bible study so until later.

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