Monday, May 18, 2009


Making me happy:
-lovely weather
-school is out!!! Hurray! Whoopee!
-visits with friends
-hammock swings
-highspeed internet (even though I have to leave the house to use it...the fact that it exists makes me glad)
-Biggest Loser finale! Even though my girl Tara didn't win I was so glad the the final 3 were Helen. Tara and Mikey. The transformations they made were incredible. That show is SO inspiring!
-WVU offers ballroom/folk/and square dancing classes. Unfortunately this semester the class is already full. But I'll keep my eye out for next semester. They also offer clogging...can you hear the wheels in my head spinning? Maybe I'll take tae kwon do this semester. Those classes are still open...

Making me less than happy:
-allergies. Blah! It's been about a month since my allergies kicked end in sight.
-dial up internet.
-Lost finale...I think it is rude to leave us with MORE questions and NO answers.
-No more Biggest Loser for awhile. That show saw me through many a Tuesday night. No more Biggest Loser to look forward to every Tuesday at 8 pm. I guess I'll live.
-WVU is not communicating with me. I have no idea which classes to take and I can't get in touch with my advisor. So I'm calling them this afternoon and asking for information.
-no pell grant for me...just loans. Debt. Ick!
-I found out where I'm living and who my roommate will be. She seems nice enough (okay, I spied on her on Myspace...what else is it there for?). But it stresses me out and stress makes me less than happy.
-The tags on my car have expired so now I am driving the toyota which makes Adam unhappy which makes me unhappy.
-I think I herxed last Friday. Boo. :(

But, enough for now. Right now I am rather content and I am about to head off to my sister's house to use her high speed internet and call WVU and figure out what my life is going to be like this fall.


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