Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday~

Last Thurday Becca turned 24! We celebrated by having a little party at Jacqueline's house. We had ham and pineapple pizza and these yummy cupcakes. It was nice to have a little celebration. For me there was even more reason to celebrate. I am officially finished with Blue Ridge CTC! I graduate in a couple of days and while I'm not walking in the graduation ceremony (much to my advisors irritation) I will have a diploma shortly and that makes me very happy. :)

We made sure there were 24 candles. Becca blew them out as quickly as she could since we didn't have them on a plate and Jacqueline wasn't cool with us potentially setting her tablecloth on fire. I wouldn't have enjoyed that much either. I have a fear of fire.

I made this little tea wallet for as a gift for Becca. It holds up to 6 teabags and it fits into a purse easily. It is made of linen and a fabric I have had for awhile that I really like, but don't know what to use for. I only have about 1/2 a yard of it so I can't make anything very big out of it.
After our little pizza party I went grocery shopping with Becca. She hosted a game night on Saturday and was shopping for party food and I got to go along and help. We went back to her house and hung out for awhile. Very relaxing.

The day ended with me trying out the rife machine for 30 seconds (more on that to come) and going back to Jacqueline's house where Holly and I said hi to the guys who came for Bible study and then chose to head home early. We got home around 7:30 and ended up watching The Office finale. Are Pam and Jim going to have a baby? Plus, who else thought Dwight was funnier than he has been in a loooong time? It was a good episode.

That was Thursday. I love having days off. :)

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