Friday, May 29, 2009

The past few days recap:'s been a long week for sure. Last Saturday Jacqueline and I went up to Hagerstown to do some shopping. Jacqueline wanted to go to Old Navy, Target and Khols before she leaves next week for their month long trip to Ohio. Let me tell you, we chose quite a day to go to Old Navy. It just so happens that we went during their flip flop sale: 5 for $5. I know I'm probably in the minority but I don't particularly like their flip flops. They aren't very comfortable. Anyway the place was literally mobbed. We waited in one of the checkout lines for at least 40 minutes (and they had 6 lines open). Not our idea of fun. The cashier said it was worse than Black Friday...for FLIP FLOPS!? Afterwards we were starving so we stopped in the food court and got lunch and complained about the mall. It occured to me that I'm only 20 and Jacqueline is almost 23 and we have turned into our parents. A few weeks ago I was visiting with Becca and Jacqueline and we were talking about lyme disease and other health problems and we talked about it for a long time and it also occured to me that we have all turned into our moms. I mean when I was younger (like a couple years ago) I thought the mall was a great place to be and it annoyed me when my dad said he hated the malls. I also thought it was way uncool to talk to your friends about your health. For goodness about clothes or music or movies or something but not your health! And now I think malls are annoying and enjoy talking about things like lyme disease and what not. So I really think we've turned into our parents. Oh well. It was bound to happen. At least we have great parents. :)
So yeah we ended up being out for most of the afternoon. Jacqueline went to her stores and I went into The Christmas Tree Shops (think Big Lots with a beautiful exterior) to check something out for my dad and I went to Michaels (because I go there every time I have a chance to). While there I scored 2 rolls of cashmere blend yarn for 99 cents each(!), a new candy mold for Sharon since I broke hers, and this book:
(picture from AMAZON)
It's got a lot of very cute aprons. I know I shouldn't have done it. I swore to myself that I wouldn't buy anymore craft books. I don't really NEED aprons or craft books. But I got it anyway. I had green converse sneakers like the girl has too but I gave them to Holly. I hardly ever wore them.
Did I ever mention that I found my Sew U Built by Wendy book? Turns out it was right under my nose. Things like that always are, right?

Mom and Dad took all of us out for dinner and it was fun to have Olive there. That kid...she makes me want to quit school and get married and have a baby. Only that isn't going to happen on such short notice so I'll still go to school this fall.

Speaking of school this fall, I got my letter for orientation on Saturday saying that Transfer Student Orientation is next Friday. So I'm planning to go. Courteney said Mom and I could stay with her at her apartment which is exciting! Honestly, I'm nervous that I'll have a really bad opinion of Morgantown and that I won't want to live in the city after seeing it. Lately I've been feeling a bit negative and it's awful. I'm trying to just stay positive but lately I've been feeling really emotional. And I'm taking Evening Primrose Oil so I don't understand it. It needs to go away!

Memorial Day was fun. We spent it with the Freys. I forgot to give Sharon her candy mold but we will see them on Sunday because Olive is being dedicated. I can give it to her then.

On Tuesday I took the afternoon off to call my advisor and set up a schedule for my fall classes and I wasn't able to get in touch with her. I was mad because she had told me to call her on Tuesday and I missed an afternoon of work for nothing.

Then on Wednesday my parent's lost their job with Ask. I think I'm more upset than they are. Isn't that weird? Dad still has his job with Voortman so that is good. I'm not sure what they're going to do now though. Really, they are fine and I shouldn't get stressed out. I think that with me not knowing what I'm doing I just like to know that my parents have everything under control. Somehow I am still under the dillusion that we humans have control when really only God has control. And I know that God must have other plans for my parents. We know that God provided the Ask job for them, and when they thought they were going to be laid off last October he provided Dad with the Voortman job. I know that he will provide for them. I try to remember that verse (from Job?) "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord."

Today I had OSHA training at work. It was okay. We had a few laughs talking about violence and harassment in the workplace. I know it's not funny but people usually find something to laugh about. Maria claimed that all the patients harass her since the definition of harassment is continuous annoying behaviour. When the trainer talked about sexual harassment Dr. Hartman jokingly said something silly about Pam always telling people to pull up their pants (this is a reference to a situation where a teenage guy wore his pants really low and Pam told him to pull them up because she didn't want to see his belly while they were doing his filling). The trainer looked confused and I said, "she tells that to patients, not to us." I just wanted him to know that Pam doesn't have to tell us to keep our pants up. Just teenage guys. Maybe we should have just kept our mouths shut. We also got to put out a fire with fire extinguishers (outside of course) which was a first for me. I hope I never have to do it again. :)

I finally stopped by the library and picked up a few books. The nice thing about summer is you feel like it's okay to read silly or mindless books and you also have time to get into really good books. I want to read To Kill a Mockingbird again this summer and I also got a bunch of 'light reading' books. My ideal summer would consist of lying in a hammock reading books and drinking tea. Very idyllic, isn't it? I didn't end up getting To Kill a Mockingbird because it wasn't there. There were also a lot of other books I wanted to get that weren't there. I am thinking about taking out another 3 month membership to the Winchester library for the summer. Their library is so much bigger. I did end up taking out quite a few books though and I'll write what I think about them up here.

I cleaned my bathroom up and organized it. It looks really good (for a not quite finished bathroom). I got sick of things being such a mess so I bought some containers, Windex, paper towels and a Swiffer WetJet and went to work. It is so much better! I should post a picture of it on here. Now my goal is to get a lot of my laundry done and to throw away a lot of stuff in my room. I need to pack up winter sweaters and things like that since it's too warm for them now. Maybe I can post before/after photos of that. We'll see.

Okay, this post is huge. I'll stop now.

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