Monday, May 18, 2009

Family time

I love this kid. Isn't she cute? I bought the outfit she is wearing. Just thought I should mention that.Yes, I love her. And I love the swing we are sitting in (it belongs to my sister and Matt). I think it is funny that she is so grumpy in this picture when I am cheesing like a goon.
An unconventional family photo.

Hammocks/hammock swings are probably one of my favorite inventions. I would love to have one in my room.
A hint of a smile? She was pretty grumpy this weekend! It seems like when she is grumpy the way to make her happy is to walk her around. If that doesn't work give her her binky. If that doesn't work give her to Jacqueline. She can fix it.
The mother-daughter bond is an interesting thing. Since my sister has had Olive I have noticed that sometimes we all just need our mommies. They help to make things better.

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