Friday, January 30, 2009

Completed project, WIPs, and a self-portrait. In other words, its time for some photos on this blog!

Here is a picture of the bag I made on Christmas Eve. I stayed up late and finished it in the wee hours of Christmas morning. Merry Christmas to me. :)

The bag itself started out as a sweater a friend gave me. I loved the color of it, but it looked pretty bad on me. So I cut the bottom off and sewed it up and turned it into a bag.

The inside is lined with some fat quarters I got on sale from Joann's. The inside can also be used as the outside. It's reversible. I just love reversible things. I don't love that the handles aren't centered very well. Such is life.
Here is my current work-in-progress. A scarf in Mountaineer colors. It will be for a WVU student most likely!
Here is my other work in progress: Help please!
Chemistry is kicking my butt right now...and it's only week 2.

And here is a self portrait of me. This is to show how much healthier my skin looks. I didn't even edit out any acne on this picture, which is what I normally do. Just let me get good and stressed though and it will become very splotchy!

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