Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh dear

Well, I lied. We don't have high-er speed internet because it's not working. We are still on dial up and it is iffy! And I can't upload pictures. :( So all the pictures I've been taking will have to wait until I get up to a coffee shop and can take some time to post things.

Bad news: I got my hours cut at work. As far as I can tell, they are being cut in half. I'm going from about 20-24 hours a week to 10-11. Not good. I am not even able to pay for my school bill. Mom and Dad are helping me until I can pay them back, which is really wonderful of them. I've gotten 2 textbooks for free and have to get one more before the semester starts. Boy am I glad I'm taking yoga this semester! No textbooks involved, I have everything I need for the class and I can definitely use some stress relief!

On a lighter note I am feeling much better. This cough is improving and aside from being extremely tired all the time I would say I'm pretty well recovered from my cold. It seems that every time I catch a cold it ends up settling in my chest and I get bronchitus or something unpleasant like that. Thanks to Mucinex this cough is much better than it would have been if I wasn't treating it (which is how I normally act when I have a cough)!

So I got a letter in the mail from WVU saying they need my immunization records. For heaven sake! I already ran around town getting my immunization records for them but it seems that I forgot to call my doctors in NC from when I was like 8 or 9 or younger even to ask for a copy of my immunizations so I could apply to colleges for the fall. Honestly, it never even crossed my mind to think about calling my doctors from 12 years ago. But then, I am pretty forgetful these days. I don't think I'm going to WVU this fall. And that's okay. Don't tell my boss this, but I think I've changed my mind about dental hygiene. Yeah, go ahead and say it: I change my mind way too much. It's true. But between back pain and arm pain and just not really loving the idea of dental hygiene, I have been rethinking my decision to become a hygienist. And I'm rethinking my application to WVU. I am not sure I want to leave my home and family just yet (someone please just force me to do something!). Especially with my niece due in March. I want to be part of her life so much. I know I can't stay home forever, and truthfully I don't want to. But with all the fatigue I've been having I sometimes really wonder how I'm going to work and go to college. I don't know if I trust myself to live on my own. There. I said it and it looks as sad as it sounds, but I actually do get really overwhelmed when I think about putting in 2 or 3 more years of college when I'm this tired and when I'm having this much trouble thinking right now. I feel so ADD sometimes that I scare myself. I don't even like driving when I feel like this. So let's just say that I'm thinking of applying to a school a little closer to home for a degree that is not dental hygiene. I'm planning to speak to an admissions counselor on Monday. And I'll let you know what happens from there.

Well, I am going to go think about other things now. Things like getting organized someday and maybe getting rid of some of the junk I've accumulated these past few years. Anyone want any fabric? I may be getting rid of some soon!

I'll check back in later~

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