Thursday, June 12, 2008


What do you all know about genetically engineered or modified foods?
In my nutrition course they have a section about them and they're pretty scary! Makes me want to grow and make all my own food, only that would be really hard to do right now. Still, it does inspire you to know what is in your food and pay closer attention when you are shopping to buying organic and natural foods. And if you are going to plant a garden, make sure you buy organic seeds.
In my book they gave a website to look at that tells you which foods are genetically modified. You can check it out here at
The course has been really interesting. A lot more interesting since I finished the anatomy and physiology section of the book. Well, I still have to finish the coloring book and quiz, but I finished reading the material.
I want to try and boycott these foods to the best of my ability not just because I don't support the companies that are doing these experiments and all, but because the foods they are tampering with can cause serious health problems.


Anonymous said...

Mom and I went to a Jeffrey Smith seminar in Winchester a few years ago and it was on GMO foods. He's written a book (which I have) called Seeds of Deception. Back then the main GMO crops were corn, soy, and cotton. But I heard recently that sugar is going to be a GMO food! Yes, it is a very scary thing and I wish at the very least the US required GMO foods to be labeled as such. The Weston A Price organization ( I think) also has information on GMO foods. I will have to check out the site you mentioned!

Anonymous said...

Ooops. That was me, Becky. I guess I was logged in as Daniel.

Life According to Me said...

thanks Becky. I guessed that the first comment was you. :)