Tuesday, June 3, 2008

stuff in the works.

I once saw a blog...um...thing I guess and it was called "Self Portrait Tuesday" and since its Tuesday I went ahead and took a self portrait. That is just to explain this random photo of me.
Simplicity 3835. My project at Sewing Extravaganza III. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of our time together while I was there. :( But it was a great time, as always! Becca helped me figure out the pattern. Pattern-figuring-out seems to require a group effort! A good excuse (if one is needed) to get together. I need to do some alterations in order to make this shirt actually look good on me. It was "simple" though as the brand implies and fun to make. I plan to try to make a few more of these in different types of fabrics that aren't so stiff. I have a jersey material and a more drapey fabric. I don't know what exactly it is though.
Operation skirts: my wrap skirt prototype. Not quite finished yet. I have some ideas to make these skirts easier to wear and I want to come up with a better pattern. The first one I made didn't sit really well. I want to try to make a few of these along with some other stuff and put them in my Etsy shop that still doesn't exist yet. :)
I did finish the commissioned skirt and I think it came out pretty well. Its owner seemed pleased so that was good. Thank you for the commission new skirt owner (I didn't want to name any names)!!!

What else happened today? Well, I had a wonderful chat with my dear friend Courteney. She was the first friend I met when I moved here. We've been friends since 7th grade. We are meeting this Friday so I can show her how to set up a blog. Yay!!! I've been nagging and begging and pleading with my college friends to start blogs so we can keep in touch better during the school year and she is the only one who is humoring me and starting one. Talking with her made my day better because she really encourages me in my walk with Christ. I think that is one way to measure a true friend when they encourage you to trust Jesus and live for Him. That's the kind of friend I want to be. She is also one of the only people who I can talk to on the phone for an hour and not realize a whole hour has gone by. And it's funny cause we both have a fear of talking on the phone.

I haven't been doing my "counting my blessings" posts lately so I'm going to pick it up here.
I am thankful for:
  • Having fun sewing yesterday with Jacqueline and Becca.
  • Spending time with my siblings.
  • Finishing some projects
  • Staying safe on the road when I'm out (not just me but all my friends and family).
  • the phone call from Court this morning
  • All the rain we've had and all the sunshine too.
  • the Bible study I'm going to tonight!
I hope everyone else is having a nice day and week.

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