Monday, June 30, 2008

I haven't written in awhile so this might be kind of long.

Last Friday Jacqueline, Becca and I went back to Shep-town and Shaharazades.  Jacqueline decided it was high time she got to go too and everyone was more than happy to go back. :)  Especially since last time I didn't get to photograph the scones.  We ordered the tea service and it was really nice.  Here are some photos.

Look at the teacups we used.
The table beside ours.
The tea service.

This past Sunday was my great grandmother's 100th birthday.  She still lives at home and this past winter she fell outside her son's car and got a bruise.  She didn't break anything, she just got a bruise.  I'm glad I have those genes!  We don't live down there and aren't close to my dad's family so I don't have any pictures of her.  But I thought I would mention it here.

Today is my Mom's birthday.  She is turning 50.  I don't have a picture of her here yet either, but I probably will before the day is out.  I'll just have to edit it in. :)  Mom is gluten intolerant so Dad came up with the idea to make her a candy cake.  We bought a lot of candy and a foam brick and covered it in tin foil and then hot glued the candy (wrapped of course) to the tin-foil covered foam brick.  Or I should say I covered it.  Dad just gave instructions on how he wanted it done.  Jacqueline captured the action on my camera, lol.
Hard at work.  Dad's a slave driver!

Happy 50th!
Have some diabetes!

I'm leaving for Texas on Wednesday.  We leave here probably around 5:30 to get there by 7 something.  Our flight leaves at 9:40.  I am a little nervous.  Whenever I have to fly it seems like the TV has some kind of show about plane crashes and last night on Dateline the show was 10 Scariest Escapes from Death and we saw 6 and probably 4 of those 6 were related to airplanes crashing.  Planes catching on fire, engines blowing out, hijacking, etc.  But they escaped so that was a positive thing.  I'm mostly excited.  So I probably won't be on here until after I come back.  Hopefully I'll have lots of pictures to show when I come back.  That is if I can find my camera's battery charger!
Talk to you guys later. :)

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I saw dateline to at my Aunt & Uncles. But I only saw 4 and down.