Saturday, June 7, 2008

I finished some stuff.

Here are pictures for you to see.
One of the commissioned skirts. The other is not finished.

The newest wrap skirt prototype. It looks tiny, but it's actually got 5 panels and provides a lot of coverage. I like wrap skirts but hate wearing them anywhere on an even mildly windy day for fear of immodesty. This one should put those fears to rest. However, I think I am giving up on wrap skirts for awhile, because I cannot come up with a good pattern for one. They are harder to make than I thought and I can't find the "pattern" I had when I made my first ones that turned out alright. If I can find it then there may be some wrap skirts in the future. I'll keep the 2 I made so far and try to alter them and figure out how to make them wearable. I like the fabrics too much to throw them out. I'll just focus on some other stuff right now.
And this is a little peek at my sewing basket. It's a real big mess. Like everything else under my supervision right now. Holly put together the G in the pincushion for me so I took a picture of it.

I'm beginning to have second thoughts on this Etsy idea. I really want to do it! But I am having a hard time coming up with stuff to make. I'm having a creativity block. :( Maybe in a couple of days I will have some more stuff done. I have lots of ideas of things I'd like to do, just no idea of how to put it all together. I think I'll try to work on more stuff this weekend.

I think we're going to go to the park. So I'll end here for now.


Curtis Family said...

Hey Grace,

I saw directions on a website for making a circle skirt. I've never tried it but it's in the back of my mind to make someday. Ever heard of it? Here's the link:

Life According to Me said...

I will check it out! Thanks for showing me the link~