Friday, June 6, 2008

Hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk...

well, not really. Julia told me that's actually a myth anyway and showed me in her book. That is a very cool book. I would have most likely loved it when I was younger. They have a Boy's Guide and Pioneer's Guide too I think. Pretty cool. :) I met Courteney and we did not set up a blog because she didn't bring her computer. But we had a lot of fun anyway. We got coffee and did some shopping and got lunch at that Asian Gardens restaurant. That place is awesome. It was really hot today. I was driving Jacqueline and Matt's car today and it doesn't have AC. It drives nicely. It was kinda fun driving a different car. I felt like I was driving a safari jeep or something. It was that hot outside. Every time we would walk in and out of a building one or both of us would say something along the lines of, "'s SO HOT!" And it's supposed to stay hot for awhile too according to the weather.

I've been working on some craft stuff and will hopefully have something to show for it soon. :)
Like, hopefully by my next post!

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