Sunday, June 8, 2008

You know those squatters I was telling you about???

Well, here is another. Only this one was evicted.

I felt awful today. I went to Walmart with Dad this morning around 11 and we took the wagovan and yeah it was really hot. I was soaked by the time I got home so I drank a large mason jar full of water and got a really bad headache and started to feel sick because I had put those alkalizing drops into it before I drank it. So I ate a piece of candy and the headache got SOOOO much better. It's weird how you can neutralize the basic and acidic levels in your body like that. I just put it under my tongue and laid down for a minute and was much better.

Are we the only people who take weird health stuff like MMS and alkalizing drops?

Don't answer that! Ha ha, :)


Curtis Family said...

So was the snake after the birds? By the way, we had a bird nest in one of the ferns on our house too! I was going to take the ferns with me when we moved but I left them because of the nest. Julia suggested we could trap the mother bird in the fern and take the entire family to Ohio. I didn't think that would work. :-)

Life According to Me said...

yeah, I don't think it was after them, but I don't really know. I think it was just really hot and wanted to find someplace cooler. It was headed toward your guys' place and Adam ended up killing it. Before it could find a cool place in the barn or garage or anything. :) Yeah, that probably wouldn't have worked, but I probably would have thought of the same thing that Julia did when I was younger.