Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Goals for Summer 2007

Yes, I did mean to say 2007. I found this list while I was cleaning my room (which is totally clean now...except for my unmade bed and pjs on the floor). Last summer when I finished school I made list of goals for the summer. Here is the list:

  • Get a job. (Bingo! I worked at Country Treasures for maybe a month [awful place...yuck!] and then on August 16th the dentist office I did my radiography clinicals at called me and offered me a job. Whenever I was frustrated at work, I would remember that I could still be at Country Evil and I would suddenly become grateful for my job...frustrations and all.)
  • Get my license. (Yes! Thanks to my Dad and my driving instructor, not to mention the nice old guy from the DMV who took me on my road test, I got my license sometime in July...I think.)
  • Read a really good book...maybe a Tolstoy or Steinback or something like that. (Actually, that is on my Goals for Summer 2008 list this year and I'm reading War and no I didn't do that one.)
  • Do some scrapbooking. (I think I did, but because I used cheap glue it was falling apart and then I pulled it all apart and now it needs to be redone.)
  • Sew skirts or bags or both. (I did sew at least 1 skirt.)
  • Plan get-togethers with friends before they all move or go to school in the fall. (check!)
  • Study my Bible...try to be a more godly person. (How does one measure that? I don't know how to chart that kind of growth, but I will say that this year I am more confident in the fact that God is in absolute control and He loves us and provides for us, even [or especially] when we go through hard things. I don't think I really believed that last year.)
  • Work out more and eat healthier and lose weight. (BUZZER: wrong! I worked out quite a bit and did eat a little healthier, but didn't accomplish this one.)
So I guess I'll post my goals for this summer here:
  • Study my Bible more.
  • Get a new job (ha ha, how much will this resemble my last list?) since I was laid off at my other one.
  • Start an Etsy shop and use up a lot of my fabric.
  • Finish War and Peace.
  • Finish my nutrition course.
  • Start training for that 5K.
  • Spend more time with the people I love.
  • Learn to cook *I can cook I guess, but I want to cook healthy food and be good at it!*
  • Go to Texas and have fun and take a million pictures.
  • Get into school in the fall unless God shows me something different.
So next year I'll have to see what I accomplished here. :)

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