Friday, August 22, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

Busy like a bee...that's how I've been this week. I put my 2 week notice in at work on Tuesday. It's kind of a relief. I am ready to be finished there. My last day is next Wednesday or Thursday...I'm pretty sure it's Wednesday because I think we are closed on Thursday. I may be starting at the new office earlier than I thought I would too. We shall see what happens though.

I am still not very enthusiastic about starting college again. I still have a bad attitude. I am all for learning, I love learning. It is natural and fun. I feel like the atmosphere of learning in school though is so...I don't know...stale? Perhaps it is just my rinky-dink little school, but I have just had too many experiences with teachers who don't care whether they actually teach or not. And they give you tests and basically want you to repeat exactly what they have said, whether you believe it's true or not. All for a piece of paper. A piece of paper that to me (not necessarily to those who enjoy their professors and classes) says, "thanks for telling us what we wanted to hear, now you have permission to count in the world." I know that isn't the best attitude, and I am praying about it and trying to have a better outlook on school. It seems to be where God wants me right now. I really think if I was at a school that I liked I wouldn't feel this way. And if I was studying something I really enjoyed I don't think I would feel this way. I enjoyed my math classes a lot. And most of my biology class. But history, government, English, psychology, and those kinds of classes were mostly just professors giving their opinions on politics, religion, life...some classes seemed more like group therapy more than anything; a chance to spill their guts about their lives. It was sad for me because I love history and English, but I didn't enjoy those classes at all. I feel a little bit like I was cheated out of a good learning experience. I mean, it's a bummer to go to class to learn history or English or psychology and just listen to the professor talk about how he went to search for the Loch Ness monster (even though I think that is so cool! Nessie is totally a dinosaur and I think she's real. LoL), or how he's been married 3 times and had 3 other girlfriends and his life with them, etc,. If I ever get into dental hygiene school I think I will enjoy myself more because I will be doing hands-on work in a class that I will definitely be using in the future.

On a lighter note about school, this week we had our table set up for Campus Crusade and when we got the final count of people who signed up for information on meetings or filled out surveys we were told that we had 38 people show an interest! That is not including the 5 of us who were helping run the table and all. I think that is so exciting. I don't expect even half of the people who gave us their names and emails to come when we do send out a date, but it was great that that many people were willing to come talk to us and show an interest in coming out to a meeting.

It has cooled down here again. Some of the leaves almost look like they're changing, the air isn't as humid, the light is changing, and it's getting dark around 8:15 PM. There is a deer walking around in the property next door to us right now. There is a fawn with the deer. It is so pretty with all its white spots. I guess I need to be paying extra attention at night and early in the morning when I'm on my way to work just in case those pretty deer start jumping out in front of my car while I'm driving. I love fall. It's truly my favorite time of year. Fall to me is sweaters and scarves and colors and smells and cooler air and excitement and busyness. I love it. I wish it lasted longer. Like all year. But then, I probably wouldn't appreciate it as much because I wouldn't know anything different.

I had planned to do some kind of sewing project this weekend. I had the best intentions of making another apron or some kind of pin or something, but I think I will end up doing homework. :P I am really excited about going part-time at work. I hope it will free up more of my time so I can do homework and fit some crafting into my schedule. Once I get established at work I think I will start looking into those pottery classes. :) Either that or some kind of exercise class. It depends on what I can find.

I read a quote in a book this week that went something like this: When the lima bean weeps, the trolls of perdition will come and dance to the sounds of salsa and laughter.
The author was talking about the prophecies concerning Jesus' life and how simple and direct they were (like, "He will be born of a virgin, etc,.). Then he compared them to the prophecies made about the Greek and Roman gods and how they could have meant anything about anyone. He made up that one about lima beans and trolls just to be silly, and it made me laugh. Sorry for my weird sense of humor, lol. The book is called Jesus Without Religion and so far (I haven't gotten very far yet) it seems good. It is supposed to be a look at Jesus life based on the accounts in the Bible from the gospels and Acts and the prophets without the cloud of denominations and religious groups putting in their 2 cents. It also talks about how Flavius Josephus (the historian) pretty much confirms that Jesus walked the earth.

Holly and I stayed up late last night and watched Little Women. The one with Wynona Ryder. I think it skipped quite a bit of the book, but it was fun to watch. Holly told me it was depressing because of how Beth died. It was sad. I would be so heartbroken if I lost one of my siblings. I don't know how I would get through it. It made me remember how when I was younger I read a children's version of Little Women and in the part where Jo meets Friedrich I remember reading his name as fried rich. Pronounced that way. I thought it was such a weird name. Fried rich. Cut me some slack though, I was only about 6 or 7 when I read it.

Well, I have some sample speeches to listen to online and chapters to read in my textbooks so I shall end for now. I hope everyone has a happy weekend.

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PilgrimHeiress said...

Oh, how I wish you were at some other university or teaching college where professors really care to provide a rich teaching and learning experience for their students. I hate to hear that you have been demoralized by your college teachers. I would not have enjoyed or stayed in school so long if I'd had those kind of experiences. I got out of them quickly when I decided to go to Liberty and by the time I got to grad school, I wasn't around those types of professors any longer. Hang in there and keep holding out for the best you can get. Challenge yourself, even if your professors don't. Use the Internet and other means to teach yourself -- don't fall short of a good education just because of those nimnoos! Not only do you deserve it because you are paying for it, but also because you are intelligent and willing to learn. Keep looking at options for transferring too (even here to Texas)!

I look forward to tasting a bit of your fall while I am there in October. It will be a real treat!