Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dinner with the Tyners :)

Last night we went to the Tyner's house for dinner. It was Courteney's last night at home so I'm glad we got to go visit before she left for school.Mr. and Mrs. Tyner are very good cooks! And Mrs. Tyner always has beautiful table preparations. I feel very lazy because I am all about using paper plates/cups/ forks, etc., but Mrs. Tyner goes above and beyond the call of duty. Another fun thing is all the girls get to eat in the kitchen while the "adults" (okay, technically Courteney and I are adults) and the boys eat in the dining room. So we can talk and be silly all we want without scaring our parents. Not that we would scare our parents, but that way they don't have to listen to us talking about school and work and people's toes falling off or how/why a person would get their stomach pumped....maybe we would scare our parents. I don't know. I've known Courteney's family since we were in 7th grade and I've been having dinner in their kitchen for 8 years now. I wonder how much our conversations have changed? Rebecca and Jacqueline are now married and aren't at that table with us anymore. Holly and Caitlin are there with us now....poor things!

And their coleslaw was amazing! Courteney made a coleslaw and both Mom and I loved it. That's a big deal because we are both coleslaw haters. I think I ate a third of the whole dish that was on the table for us. Good thing it's mostly all vegetable. :) We are actually making it for dinner tonight!

In addition to a lovely dinner and desert, Kenny entertained us with his clay-mation videos. He makes his own. He is very good at it too. He writes his scripts and makes his own characters and makes his movies. He just finished a production of David and Goliath for the church's vacation Bible school this year (kids in the church star as the voices of some of the characters which was really cool!). He has also made a movie in which he used a poem written by his grandfather for his dialogue which was very good too. I was very impressed!
We were on the front porch talking and Holly took our picture! This was right before I got stung by a bee. :( Thank goodness for baking soda!

I'm not sure if you guys know this, but if you are stung by a bee you can make a paste out of baking soda and water and rub it on the area of the bee sting and it helps to take the pain away. It's really great!

And so was our visit!

Now I can't wait for everyone to come back from school so we can hang out again! I'm going to miss everyone.


PilgrimHeiress said...

Aww, I wanted to see a picture of the bee sting ... where's the drama?

Court said...

aaaahh, I think I'm gonna get teary eyed. I love it hear, but I miss being at home too. It is so hard being torn. BTW I think I ate just as much as you did of the cole slaw. I am a good cook :-) lol.