Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wall Hanging for Courteney!

I made this door hanging for my friend Courteney. She is going to be an RA at college this year and I thought it would be fun to make her something for her room. So I came up with this:There is a notepad and pockets (with a special pocket for a pen) so people can write her a note and stick it in the pocket. That way if someone has a message for her while she is in school, at work, or at the gym or Bible study people can leave her a note. I left the upper right hand blank so she can personalize it with a note or picture or anything else she'd like to put there.
Courteney's the oldest friend I have here. She is one of my dearest friends too. Even though she has been in school for 2 years she has always kept in touch with me and I can't say how much I appreciate her for reaching out to me and being an encouragement! She even started a blog too.

Courteney, have a terrific semester! I'm excited for you!

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